Petrol (fuel) pipe, clear, with coiled internal spring for anti kink, sold in multiples of 1 foot lengths, BGM

OEM: TS006

This is another excellent BGM product, the quality is perfect.

Its clear so you can see through it and has a coil spring so it does not kink.

You can tie it in knots with no kinking.

Comes with a 6mm internal diameter so boiling water will help to fit it to Mikuni or 7mm pipe work.

Sold in 1 foot or multiples of 1 foot lengths.

Please note: if you require a longer length uncut, e.g 5  foot, please order 5, but please send us a note at the end of your
online order (notes section)  to state this, otherwise you will be sent it in 1 foot lengths.

Petrol (fuel) pipe, clear, with coiled internal spring for anti kink, sold in multiples of 1 foot lengths, BGM

£ 4.22
Price: £ 3.52 Ex Vat

Reviews ( 10 )


5 star 1. Ian 12 Mar 2013 

Best Petrol Pipe on the Market by far.


5 star 2. Wings 01 Aug 2013 

Absolutely spot one. You can feel the quality. Recommended.


5 star 3. Wings 10 Aug 2015 

You pay for quality. Keep up the great work.


5 star 4. Robert S 02 May 2011 

A good strong pipe that won't kink. Worth buying.


5 star 5. Steve C 15 Sep 2013 

Great product the best petrol pipe yet and it's clear.


5 star 6. Dave 20 Nov 2013 

about time someone came up with a good design for a simple product.


5 star 7. Michael D 13 Dec 2013 

My 1966 Lambretta 125 Special restoration will certainly benefit from this - looks good - the best pipe available


5 star 8. TONY B 20 Apr 2014 

Excellent quality and looks fantastic.Got to be the best on the market so far.


5 star 9. Tony B 13 May 2016 

Excellent QualityThe best available and super fast Delivery. Thanks


5 star 10. Steve M 26 Jan 2017 

Great product

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Lawrence S on 26 Apr 2016 asked "Good day sir or ma'am. I have a question about the product, if tested. How long does the product last in all weather conditions? How long until i need to replace it until it melts, cracks, and other ways it may break or leak in anyway?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: This is very good, over time it hardens but still works fine

Brett on 16 Jan 2016 asked "Hi.... Does this pipe, go rock solid or stay flexible once it's had fuel through it.?.... Cheers"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Over time it does harden

Igino C on 30 Jul 2015 asked "I live in Sweden, here the petrol companies are allowed to mix up to 10 % of ethanol into the petrol. Is this pipe/hose resistent to ethanol?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Up to now no problems, but I suggest fuel pipe is a service item these days and change it every year or so depending on the use of the pipe

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