Fork rods, Gp and late Sx, pair, stainless steel, MB


We were getting sick and tired of the inconsistent quality of GP type fork rods that are available so we decided to have a batch made in stainless steel.

Of course, being stainless steel they will not rust which is a bonus when you think how exposed they are.

Being GP type you need the separate balls between the rods and the fork links.

This item is a PAIR of fork rods.

The quality is excellent.

Fork rods, Gp and late Sx, pair, stainless steel, MB

£ 35.98
Price: £ 29.98 Ex Vat

Reviews ( 4 )


5 star 1. Steve w 16 Jan 2012 

quality will always speak for itself. and these are exceptional. a well engineered product


5 star 2. Mike 09 Dec 2013 

These fork rods are great. Much better than ones I purchased some time back.


5 star 4. Ralph 01 Jan 2016 

Quality product from MBD.

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