Sava tyre, 350:10, Sports MC18 Whitewall


Scooter Fitment …. Lambretta – Vespa – Automatic

Speed Rating …. P 93mph

Load Rating …. 51 195kg

Racing Compound …. N/A

Road Compound …. Medium - Hard

Riding Application …. Urban - Touring - Sports - Race

Tube or Tubeless …. Tubeless and Tube

Reinforced …. No

Side Wall …. White Wall


Sava tyre, 350:10, Sports MC18 Whitewall

£ 45.02
Price: £ 37.52 Ex Vat

Reasons to Buy

Especially made exclusive to MB Serious Outdoors Ltd

Savas modern Scooter tyre to suit all Lambrettas and Vespas that want that little extra.

An Ideal modern looking and improved tyre design and rubber compounds.

With the added benefit of the only full Scooter tyre range made in Europe.

This is our tyre to compete with the Schwalbe Raceman and as with the Raceman it is Savas old race design with improved rubber compound for the road use with higher mileage use.


Scooter white-wall tyres:

More we want to progress, more it is obvious that the customer care is simply inevitable. With this step Sava has added one important improvment to the White Wall scooter tyres programme. It has been shown that this protection is very useful for maintaining the white-wall  scooter tyre quality and is user friendly.

New quality – new look

Special BLUE WATER BASED PROTECTIVE PAINT for easier handling of white-wall scooter tyre

Before mounting
After mounting easily washed
with water and brush


- no stains by handling (factory-transport-warehouse-shop-scooter)
- protects the white colour when the tyre being mounted on the rim
- no unnecessary cleaning, less worries, bigger customer's satisfaction

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5 star 1. Lee t 09 Jan 2015 

I found the sava whitewall tyre a top quality tyre and with a 93mph speed rating, which is good compared to other whitewall tyres I have used in the past which had a lower speed rating. The delivery was quick and reliable.

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Samuel L on 08 Jan 2017 asked "Hi, I would really like to buy a pair of these tyres but I see you don't ship them to the states. I can not find them over here. Could I pay the extra postage to make it possible? Thank you, Sam"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Hi, There's no reason why we can't send tyres apart from cost - it would be calculated volumetric so you unlikely to be cheap. We can do you a quote if you tell us how many tyres you would like?

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