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Overhaul magneto housing, labour only, MB

Overhauling the mag housing is very easy when you know how.    But if you don't know how you can make a total hash of it.    We... [more]

£ 28.86£ 24.05 (Ex Vat)
Remove and replace engine mounts, labour only, MB

MRB design, manufacture and sell an engine mounting extractor.    But if you don't want to buy the tool we will swap he mounts for you.    This... [more]

£ 21.66£ 18.05 (Ex Vat)
Tune, cylinder packing plate, labour only, MB

MRB offer a variety of cylinder packing plates.    Every engine varies with transfer port sizes.    This is the price to trim and match a cylinder packing... [more]

£ 14.44£ 12.03 (Ex Vat)
Fit engine mounts to a casing with none in, labour only, MRB

This is the price for MRB to fit a set of engine mounts.    You can also buy the fitting tool from us as well.    If you... [more]

£ 25.22£ 21.02 (Ex Vat)
Tune, casings for TS1 cylinders tuned to stage 3, labour only, MB

This price is for our MRB tuning engineer to grind out, match and polish the casings to suit a fully tuned TS1 style cylinder... [more]

£ 93.83£ 78.19 (Ex Vat)
Tune, casings for race (stage 3/6) cylinders, labour only, MB

With a little extra welding you can easily over tune your engine casings.    This is the price to tune the casings, a job we have... [more]

£ 93.83£ 78.19 (Ex Vat)
Tune, casings for TS1 cylinders tuned to stage 1, 2, (RB, Rapido, Mugello) labour only, MB

This is a labour charge to match and flow the transfer ports on your engine casings to match a TS1, Rapido, RB, Mugello, Imola... [more]

£ 83.21£ 69.34 (Ex Vat)
Head cowling modification for Reed Valves, labour only, MB

Most engines using a reed valve will need the cowling cutting and shaping to fit.    This is the price to modify the head cowl to... [more]

£ 36.11£ 30.09 (Ex Vat)
Ultra Sonic clean parts per minute

Let us take the pressure off your cleaning requirements with your dirty oily Scooter parts.    Ultra sonic cleaning gets to areas you can not get... [more]

£ 0.42£ 0.35 (Ex Vat)
Convert small block casings to 200 - late Spanish/SIL (transfer work extra) labour only, MB

Most Spanish and some SIL 150 engine casings were 200 castings but machined to suit the smaller 125, 150 and 175 cylinders.    These can be... [more]

£ 239.20£ 199.33 (Ex Vat)
Convert small block casings to 200 - Italian 125/150/175 (transfers extra) labour only, MB

This our price to convert early Italian/Indian/Spanish style 125, 150 and 175 small block casings to 200 engine large block casings.    They are... [more]

£ 346.39£ 288.66 (Ex Vat)