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Rebore and hone, single, labour only, MB

Supply your cylinder and we will correctly rebore and hone it to suit the piston used.    Work done in house by our own MRB engineers.    If you... [more]

£ 38.98£ 32.48 (Ex Vat)
Rebore and hone, up to 9mm (150-190) labour only, MB

This is a price to do a conversion rebore from say a 150 to a 190cc.    We rebore and hone in our own workshop with... [more]

£ 71.34£ 59.45 (Ex Vat)
Rebore and hone, up to 4mm, (200-225) labour only, MB

This is the price for our in house machinists to rebore and hone correctly an oversized cylinder conversion up to 4mm.    Something like a 200... [more]

£ 57.74£ 48.12 (Ex Vat)
Ceramic replate cylinder bore on alloy barrels, labour only, MB

Alloy type cylinders with Nicasil or Ceramic plating do require replating occasionally.     This is the price for us to clean and check over the... [more]

£ 217.99£ 181.66 (Ex Vat)
Iron liner to repair old cylinder bore, labour only, MB

Iron liners in alloy cylinders are nothing new.    Some cylinders are like this as standard form many manufacturers.    It is a well proven design.    Most modern cylinders... [more]

£ 223.46£ 186.22 (Ex Vat)
Rebore and hone, alloy cylinder for oversized pistons, labour only, MB

MRB carry out lots of different cylinder conversions setting a standard for others to follow.    Part of these conversions require alloy cylinders to be bored... [more]

£ 64.97£ 54.14 (Ex Vat)
Ceramic plate, prepare cylinder after oversized rebore, labour only, MB

An alloy cylinder needs reworking for replating after it has been bored out for a larger piston.     We have to chamfer port edges, spigot... [more]

£ 28.86£ 24.05 (Ex Vat)
Rebore and hone, up to 2mm, labour only, MB

This is a price for MRB engineers to rebore over sized cylinders and conversions up to 2mm.    This covers converting a Tv 175 type of... [more]

£ 50.53£ 42.11 (Ex Vat)
Rebore and hone, up to 5mm (150-175) labour only, MB

MRB in house engineering company rebores cylinders on a daily basis.    This is the price for us to do a conversion rebore from 150 to... [more]

£ 64.97£ 54.14 (Ex Vat)