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Machine inlet manifold to suit rubber mounted carburettors, labour only, MB

We machine all our own inlet manifolds.    Occasionally we get solid mounted CDC inlet manifolds to modify for customers, this is the price to do... [more]

£ 15.86£ 13.22 (Ex Vat)
Tune, inlet manifold, Imola, labour only, MB

So Imola inlet manifolds are alloy some are rubber.    This is the price for us to polish and flow the alloy type inlet manifold.    If you... [more]

£ 21.66£ 18.05 (Ex Vat)
Tune, inlet port for Mugello to suit all types of manifolds (not bolted on) labour only, MB

This price is for MRB to match an inlet manifold to a Mugello type cylinder.    If you are interested please call the shop for details... [more]

£ 36.11£ 30.09 (Ex Vat)
V force reed block, modify including MB inlet manifold to fit, labour only, MB

The V-Force reed block conversion is another first from MRB and now copied by all.    We use our own MRB Inlet manifold modify and flow... [more]

£ 86.62£ 72.18 (Ex Vat)
Tune, inlet manifold, match and flow, labour only, MB

This is an EXTRA LABOUR charge for us to match and flow the inlet manifold to an inlet port to improve gas flow.    If you are... [more]

£ 28.86£ 24.05 (Ex Vat)
Tune, inlet manifold, match open and flow, (manifold bolted and flowed) labour only, MB

This is an EXTRA LABOUR charge for us to match and flow the inlet manifold to inlet port with the manifold bolted to the cylinder... [more]

£ 57.74£ 48.12 (Ex Vat)
Tune, Inlet manifold, TS1, GT, Imola, Monza, RB, labour only, MB

This is an extra labour charge for us to flow the inside of the TS1, Imola, Monza, RB and GT type manifolds to improve... [more]

£ 28.86£ 24.05 (Ex Vat)