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At MRB we consider it essential to run some sort of filter system on your carburettor. A filter will prolong the life of your engine by keeping the air free from particles, it will make your scooter slightly quieter and it will stop your carburettor spitting back oil and petrol onto your bodywork.

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Air filter (remote) fits 22-25mm Dellortos, MB

Ever since people started fitting non-standard carburettors they have been cursed with petrol and oil mixture all over their bodywork and legs.     Engines will... [more]

£ 29.64£ 24.70 (Ex Vat)
Flat side panel air filter, MB

Another great idea from MB.    Designed and tested over many years by Mark Broadhurst, this has been redesigned thicker for 2013.    Carb and side panel clearance... [more]

£ 10.75£ 8.96 (Ex Vat)