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We stock over 25 Bearings

MRB keep a wide range of top quality Lambretta engine bearings including improved and uprated versions. We also keep a range of small end bearings to suit most applications.

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Bearing, flywheel, Li, Sx, Tv, Gp 125, 150, 175, hi load

A high quality flywheel bearing to suit all non-GP200 crankshafts.    It fits Li, SX, TV crankshafts... [more]

£ 46.40£ 38.67 (Ex Vat)
Bearing, flywheel, Gp200, high load

A high quality, high load flywheel bearing to suit all GP200 crankshafts, road or race.    Please note our bearings will be either FAG / SKF/... [more]

£ 45.01£ 37.51 (Ex Vat)
Bearing, drive side, standard

A high quality standard drive bearing to suit all Series 1, 2 and 3 engine casings.... [more]

£ 18.40£ 15.33 (Ex Vat)
Bearing, drive side, road / race touring type with extra seal

A high quality Touring Road drive bearing to suit all Series 1, 2 and 3 engine casings.    MRB were the first to introduce this single... [more]

£ 22.73£ 18.94 (Ex Vat)
Bearing, gear cluster needle roller

A high quality gear cluster needle bearing.   This sits in your engine casings underneath the gear cluster.... [more]

£ 12.14£ 10.12 (Ex Vat)
Bearing, layshaft needle, MB

A high quality MB layshaft needle bearing.    This is the one that sits in your gearbox endplate where the end of your layshaft goes.... [more]

£ 12.14£ 10.12 (Ex Vat)
Bearing, clutch needle, Li, Sx, Tv

A high quality clutch needle bearing.    Used as standard on Li, SX, TV models.    You need two per engine.    Only use these in genuine Innocenti Li type... [more]

£ 9.96£ 8.30 (Ex Vat)
Bearing, small end, 16x20x20mm, Yamaha

This is a middle of the range bearing, better than the budget one but not as good as the INA one.... [more]

£ 13.00£ 10.83 (Ex Vat)
Bearing, small end, 16x20x22mm, Yamaha for wide pistons

This bearing is used in pistons machined to use original piston shims where the crankshaft has big end shims fitted.... [more]

£ 13.21£ 11.01 (Ex Vat)
Bearing, small end, 18x23x22mm, Yamaha

This bearing is used with some Japanese piston conversions, in particular ones using the Ape conrod.... [more]

£ 16.61£ 13.84 (Ex Vat)
Bearing, small end, 16x20x20mm, INA

This German made bearing is ideal as an upgrade in most pistons. This is the only small end bearing where we have never seen a... [more]

£ 16.49£ 13.74 (Ex Vat)
Bearing, small end, 18x22x24mm, INA

This German made bearing is ideal for use in some Japanese piston conversions.... [more]

£ 16.04£ 13.37 (Ex Vat)
Bearing, end plate ball, MB

This is a high quality MB end plate ball bearing.    It fits into the end plate and the gear cluster goes through it.... [more]

£ 10.70£ 8.92 (Ex Vat)
Bearing, Flywheel, GP200, high load (Mag side) MB RACETOUR

A high quality, high load flywheel bearing to suit all GP200 crankshafts, road or race.    Increasing our own brand of bearings marked with the MB... [more]

£ 30.70£ 25.58 (Ex Vat)
Flywheel bearing Sx, Li, Tv, Gp 125, 150 high load (mag side) MB Race-Tour

A high quality, high load flywheel bearing to suit all Li, Tv, Sx, Gp125/150 crankshafts.

£ 46.40£ 38.67 (Ex Vat)
Drive bearing, TOURING, MB Race-Tour

A high quality, drive side touring type main bearing with the extra drive seal fitted, the seal faces the crank, this helps taking the... [more]

£ 11.98£ 9.98 (Ex Vat)
Inlet manifold for RT kits, FLANGE type, BGM

BGM's CNC 200 inlet manifold.    Fits all 200cc Large block cylinders with the carb coming out of the left hand side.     ... [more]

£ 70.85£ 59.04 (Ex Vat)
Rear hub bearing and seal, RIV

RIV replacement rear hub bearing and seal. ... [more]

£ 26.75£ 22.29 (Ex Vat)