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We stock over 7 MRB special parts

Although more widely known for our work on Lambrettas we have a selection of improved and uprated parts for Vespas.

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Vespa PX4 reed manifold, cast and machined, no reed, no rubber, MB

This is our popular Vespa PX/PE/Cosa reed inlet manifold.    This part is just the manifold.    No reed block and no carburettor holder... [more]

£ 107.35£ 89.46 (Ex Vat)
Vespa, reed valve carb holder for MB PX4 reed blocks, (stub adaptor) for 30 - 34mm carburettors, MB

The problem with the carburettor rubber we used to use on our Vespa reed blocks is that they are prone to splitting.    We think this... [more]

£ 57.98£ 48.32 (Ex Vat)
Reed block (reed valve) needs machining for TS1, can be used for PX reed block, MB

This is a BGM remade Yamaha reed assembly as fitted to 350 Banchee.    As it is, it can be fitted to a Vespa... [more]

£ 43.06£ 35.88 (Ex Vat)
Vespa, reed valve assembly, with alloy carburettor stub, 4 petal, MB

This fits any PX/PE/T5 Vespa engine and is used to convert your engine to reed induction.    It comprises of the manifold, reed valve... [more]

£ 232.91£ 194.09 (Ex Vat)
Gasket, reed block, for PX 4 petal Vespa reed block

Reed valve gasket for use with the MRB Vespa PX type reed block.  ... [more]

£ 2.21£ 1.84 (Ex Vat)
Vespa T5 Suzuki 170 kit, exchange cylinder and head, MB

Based on the first MB T5 big bore conversions developed from the 1980's and 1990's.    This version is the T5 170 using a Suzuki piston... [more]

£ 670.33£ 558.61 (Ex Vat)
Digital computer, bracket for light switch mounting on housing, MB

Small universal mounting bracket for small digital devices, speedos tachos etc.    Fits in on the R/H handlebar housing on a Lambretta S1,S2,and S3, utilising the... [more]

£ 4.08£ 3.40 (Ex Vat)