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We stock over 5 Frame tools

We keep a full range of tools for working on your Lambretta frame, most tools are made by us in-house.

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Tool, Lambretta fork link pivot bush drift, MB

This drift tool is designed to safely and easily remove the two fork link bushes.    It is stepped to allow the inner one to be... [more]

£ 16.40£ 13.67 (Ex Vat)
Tool, Lambretta fork spring compressor, MB

This tool made by us (MB) is designed to safely and easily help you compress the fork springs while you remove the fork links... [more]

£ 22.49£ 18.74 (Ex Vat)
Tool, Lambretta front hub bearing and seal drift, MB

This tool is designed to safely and easily refit front hub bearings and seals helping you to put them in straight without damaging bearings,... [more]

£ 9.84£ 8.20 (Ex Vat)
Tool, Lambretta rear brake pedal bush drift, MB

This tool, made for MB, is designed to safely and easily remove and refit the bush for the rear brake pedal. It also removes the... [more]

£ 10.25£ 8.54 (Ex Vat)
Tool, Lambretta steering spanners, upper and lower, Pair, MB

This is a pair of steering bearing tools to tighten the Lambrettta steering bearings lock nuts.   Chrome plated with a hole in the handle... [more]

£ 42.91£ 35.76 (Ex Vat)