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We stock over 13 Oil seals & O rings

We keep a full range of the highest quality oil seals, including some for the more obscure Lambrettas. We offer O rings seperately or in handy bagged kits.

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Seal, Lambretta front hub, 2 required

A high quality front hub seal, fits all Series 1, 2 and 3 models.    You need two per hub.... [more]

£ 2.69£ 2.24 (Ex Vat)
Seal, Lambretta kickstart

A high quality kick-start seal, fits all Series 1, 2 and 3 models.... [more]

£ 2.50£ 2.08 (Ex Vat)
Seal, Lambretta rear hub

A high quality rear hub seal.    Fits all Series 1, 2 and 3 Lambretta rear hub bearings.    (for rear hub seal for MB Race-Tour rear hub... [more]

£ 4.19£ 3.49 (Ex Vat)
Seal, Lambretta small mag

A high quality small magneto or flywheel seal.    Fits all Series 2 and 3 magneto housings but not Series 1 models.    It's worth changing the large... [more]

£ 3.31£ 2.76 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Front hub drum back plate speedo seal

This is the seal that fits inside your front hub to keep the grease from your speedo drive away from your brake shoes or... [more]

£ 4.03£ 3.36 (Ex Vat)
O ring, 12 x 2.5mm for Lambretta engine shafts

This O ring fits on the rear brake arm, clutch and gear arms to provide a seal.... [more]

£ 0.46£ 0.38 (Ex Vat)
O ring 12 x 3mm, Lambretta gear arm, oversized

This O ring fits on the gear arm to provide a seal.    It is thicker than normal so can be used for problem engines that... [more]

£ 0.35£ 0.29 (Ex Vat)
O ring, 20 x 2mm, Lambretta layshaft

This O ring fits on the layshaft.    99% of cases of engines that leak oil round the rear hub bearing are due to this O... [more]

£ 0.46£ 0.38 (Ex Vat)
Engine oil seal kit, 5 oil seals in a set, including 2 Viton seals, MB Lambretta

This handy kit contains:   Drive side--In Viton Small magneto Large magneto--In Viton ... [more]

£ 21.19£ 17.66 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Engine O ring kit

This handy kit contains all the O rings required when you are rebuilding a Series 1 2 or 3 Lambretta engine.    The kit includes: ... [more]

£ 1.72£ 1.43 (Ex Vat)
Seal, Lambretta drive, Viton, MB

This is a specially made MB Race-Tour Drive side Viton seal. Viton resists modern fuels so will not break down in use.    TOP TIP always grease and... [more]

£ 5.72£ 4.77 (Ex Vat)
Seal, Lambretta large Mag, Viton, MB

A high quality large magneto or inner flywheel seal.    Fits all Series 2 and 3 magneto housings but not Series 1 models.    It's worth changing the... [more]

£ 5.47£ 4.56 (Ex Vat)
Seal, rear hub for OLD TYPE MB Race-Tour Lambretta rear hub bearing, MB

This rear hub seal is ONLY for the OLD TYPE MB Race-Tour rear hub bearing (pre-2016) the ones with the plastic cage.  Seal size 42... [more]

£ 4.81£ 4.01 (Ex Vat)