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We stock over 46 Cylinder kits

MRB use their experience of tuning over 1500 cylinders to offer a range of performance cylinder kits. We take the guesswork out of fitting the kit by providing full instructions and all sundry items like studs, nuts and gaskets. As well as this we offer full record keeping on tuned cylinder kits and an after sales service that is 2nd to none.

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Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT225/230, MBgm

New 2017 MBgm Race-Tour 225 cylinder kit using the new cast coated MBgm 70mm piston.    It includes:    Alloy cylinder fully cast and machined... [more]

£ 452.35£ 376.96 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT195/200, MBgm

The new 2017 MBgm Race-Tour 195 cylinder kit with 65mm CAST coated RT piston kit.    Includes:    Alloy cylinder fully cast and machined... [more]

£ 452.35£ 376.96 (Ex Vat)
Exhaust fastener kit, studs, nuts, washers, gasket for Round exhaust port Lambretta cylinders, MB

MB exhaust fastener kit, fit this little kit to your Lambretta cylinder and you wont have your exhaust come loose again!    kit contains all MB... [more]

£ 6.68£ 5.57 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Cylinder head washer, 3.00mm thick, stainless steel, MB

Special thicker load spreading cylinder head washers 8 x thick.     Perfect fitting, made from stainless steel.    No need to use springs washers.    You need 4... [more]

£ 0.91£ 0.76 (Ex Vat)
Plain cylinder liner, MB

Plain cylinder liner to suit all Lambretta cylinders.    This is designed as a blank, which can be machined to suit any cylinder of any size... [more]

00 (Ex Vat)