Rear hub lock washer, chrome plated


Although we have had this item remade in stainless steel we keep this item as a budget alternative.

Rear hub lock washer, chrome plated

£ 4.52
Price: £ 3.77 Ex Vat

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Lambretta Rear hub lock washer, stainless steel, MB

This is a stainless steel laser cut lockwasher to secure the rear hub nut and stop it working loose.    It will fit any Series 1... [more]

£ 4.85£ 4.04 (Ex Vat)

Reviews ( 1 )


1 star 1. Brian p 30 May 2013 

when used with other budget iten the hub nut the fit was about 2-3 mm more slopy than original items and because of chanfered sholder on rear hub nut seemed proned to early failure MB says; As explained to you by email this item is described as a budget Indian item you chose to purchase this over the better MB item

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