Bearing, drive side, road / race touring type with extra seal


A high quality Touring Road drive bearing to suit all Series 1, 2 and 3 engine casings.

MRB were the first to introduce this single sealed type bearing.

The seal faces the crankshaft and runs next to the standard drive seal as an extra safe way of preventing drive side seal failure.

Since using this style bearing in the 1980s MRB have never had a drive seal fail.

We call it a touring bearing because it has an extra oil seal in it which acts as a back up to your drive side oil seal.

A simple idea often copied by other dealers.

Some shops sell this bearing with the 2 seals in, we take the time to remove one for you this way the gear oil still lubricates the bearing.

Bearing, drive side, road / race touring type with extra seal

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5 star 1. Adam B 24 Sep 2011 

This bearing is excellent! As someone who has had multiple drive side oil seal failures, i love the extra layer of protection. From now on, i won't be using any other bearings in any of my lambrettas. Thanks guys!


5 star 2. Paul M 21 Jul 2015 

Bought this bearing along with a lot of other things,great service as usual and will deffinitely use MB again in the future.


5 star 3. Pete h 18 Jun 2016 

Best quality anywhere excellent fit and service

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Phil g on 20 Feb 2017 asked "Do you still need to fit a halite washer when using this bearing with the integral oil seal ?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes you always fit the washer and smear a little silicone sealer around both sides

Johnny on 17 Jun 2014 asked "Why have you never left both additional seals in? Is it better to have the gearbox oil lubrication rather than the grease in the sealed unit?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The bearing still needs lubricating from the gear oil, then the other seal helps take the pressure off the drive seal

Luca on 18 Jan 2010 asked "I have a question about "Drive side bearing, Road / Race Touring type with extra seal" Is it a C3 tolerance bearing?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes they are and a C3 fitment is considered standard in this application.

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