Cable, Lambretta inner rear brake with threaded end, BGM

OEM: BGM8081

Often classed as a "racing" or QA cable with easy adjustment and quick to remove in the event of taking an engine out of the frame.

Sold separate they can be used in any Lambretta rear outer brake cable.

Top Tip.

Some late Indian nylon lined cables used a 2.5mm thick inner cable and this BGM inner with threaded end is 3.00mm thick, you will need to open up the cable crimped ends from 2.5mm to 3.00mm on the rear brake outer cable , if the BGM inner is still tight inside the nylon inner, then use some light oil or penetrating oil to help lubricate the inner through. gently pushing in and out until the inner comes through to the other side of the outer cable.

Cable, Lambretta inner rear brake with threaded end, BGM
  • Cable, Lambretta inner rear brake with threaded end, BGM
  • Cable, Lambretta inner rear brake with threaded end, BGM
  • Cable, Lambretta inner rear brake with threaded end, BGM

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£ 6.86 (Ex Vat)
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Price: £ 5.49 Ex Vat

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Reviews ( 7 )


5 star 1. Nikk H 23 May 2010 

Probably one of the best thought out modified Lambretta parts in years. Easy as ABC


5 star 2. Ian B 09 Aug 2010 

Top Quality item once again - Transforms Lambretta rear brake into working rear brake, no more adjuster catching on the engine casing.


5 star 3. Darren B 05 Apr 2012 

Perfect fit and a much better brake pedal. Thanks.


5 star 4. Ken H 15 May 2012 

Fast service and quality items as always


5 star 5. Terry S 11 Apr 2014 

I've bought one before from other source but double the price so was pleasantly surprised at price, and as always the quality from MB was second to none. MB has always been at the forefront of improving parts and this is one of the best. Easy to fit and adjust.


5 star 6. Bill g 17 Jan 2016 

As simple and effective upgrades go, this one is right up there. Works better, looks better, fits better - you get the idea...


3 star 7. Victor 05 Sep 2011 

So when are those back again..?

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Peter W on 21 Oct 2014 asked "Hi, I have one of these from you guys, but it will not fit inside the outer BGM brake cable I got as a set from you. Do you do a thicker (3mm) outer cable? If you don't, then this cable is unusable. Thanks for your time Pete."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: If you remove the nylon inner liner the inner cable can fit that way, then grease the cable like the older days.

Mike l on 28 Feb 2010 asked "I have a question about "Rear brake inner cable with threaded end" what other components would i require with this product ie adjusters"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: You sure use either a 6mm nyloc nut and standard rear brake adjuster barrel.

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