Main jet set (kit) PWK type (125-148) BGM

OEM: 2599099

BGMs boxed main jet set for PWK type and Stage 6 carbs, 10 main jets from 125 to 148.

Main jet set (kit) PWK type (125-148) BGM
  • Main jet set (kit) PWK type (125-148) BGM
  • Main jet set (kit) PWK type (125-148) BGM
  • Main jet set (kit) PWK type (125-148) BGM

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  • Handy boxed jet sets.
  • Top quality remade spares.


  • Remade PWK main jets.
  • Remade PWK idle jets.
  • Remade PWK needles.
  • Remade PWK choke kits.
  • Remade PWK gaskets sets.
  • Remade Dellorto 5mm jets.
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Development History

  • Remade equivalent to Japanese and Italian carb technology.

Reasons to Buy

  • Quality remade parts.
  • Boxed sets, simple and tidy.


  • When jetting a carburettor always start rich and slowly go weaker.


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