Gear linkage tie bar, stainless steel, MB


The original item was exposed to the elements and will rust in a short time.

So MB remade the tie bar in stainless steel.

Now redesigned and remade with a lighter version stainless steel bar and fitted with a hardened steel bush on the gear arm end, which prevents wear.

Comes with the MB brand engraved in it and compliments the MB Lambretta precision linkage kit.

Gear linkage tie bar, stainless steel, MB

£ 9.74
Price: £ 8.12 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Tomo 21 Jul 2013 

I didn't think I could say anything about a tie bar BUT! superbly engineered ,fits and compliments the MB gear swivel set up I already had fitted.The original Innocenti tie bar the holes had gone oval causing the gear change to be sloppy,good crisp gear change now,wished I got one years ago.Highly recommend.


5 star 2. Bruce 06 May 2014 

Brill. Transformed my gear change from guesswork to precision with 5 minutes work.

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Prunch on 20 Jun 2017 asked "Need a cir clip for mine, thought I snapped a gear cable but the cheap non-MB cir clip gave up allowing the MB tie-rod to work free. Have you any quality cir clips for this tie-rod? maybe include them in the package? choice of cir clip or split pin. Thought I'd find one in the "related" section. Cheers!"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Cheers for the heads up Ive added the link to relative section. In that section you will see we offer the improved gear arm with nut or the conversion so you dont use this E clip

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