Air filter, cone type for large carbs


This cone air filter can be modified by cutting a small hole just big enough to squeeze tightly over the carbs bell mouth, which will hold it tight and inposition.

You need to eye up your carbs angle and side panel from the oppersite side to see where the hole needs cutting.

If done correctly the filter will push up against the side panel making it an efficient air filter system.

Ideal for carbs on the left or right hand side and can be modified for all carbs.

Air filter, cone type for large carbs

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5 star 1. Stephen b 22 Jul 2011 

Nice filter. I use the 35 Mikuni TMX carbs and was fed up of the oil slick on runner board. Sorted it out with this. I just slip the filter over the carb and put panel back on....problem solved. You do have to re-jet the carb though :) Well recommended.

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Tim on 24 Jun 2017 asked "Will this fit a PHBH, TS1 on a GP with panels and a 13L tank, using a standard manifold?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it should be fine

Paul d on 01 Aug 2013 asked "will this fit a 30mm vhsa carb?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes or one of these MRB0807 which are better

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