Chain guide, bottom (lower) Li, Sx, Tv, Gp125, 150


This Li, Sx, Tv bottom chain guide fits standard 15 x 46 sprockets,

We recommend bottom chain guides on all engines.

It can be made to fit 16 x 46, 17 x 46, sprocket set ups by shortening both ends.

Chain guide, bottom (lower) Li, Sx, Tv, Gp125, 150

£ 11.88
Price: £ 9.90 Ex Vat

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This question is often asked.

'If Im using an after market top chain guide/slipper do I fit a bottom chain guide'

From our point of view as the ORIGINAL DESIGNERS there are two ways to look at it.
  1. If you have a reliable high mileage bike, built correctly with perfectly aligned quality sprockets and dont want to constantly strip your motor then FIT ONE!
  2. If youve always got your chaincase side off for a badly put together motor and adjusting the top guide or having constant clutch problems then dont fit one, its the same as a racer, you get to see if the top chain is loose and you can adjust it.
Baring in mind we see lots of poor chains fitted, mainly Indian, which can wear out and be so sloppy in a 1000 miles that the chain can wear into the casing on the TOP and BOTTOM (if no guide is fitted)

It is very important to DTI and shim up front and rear sprockets, never guess, we have see chains wear out in 200 miles, fitting a bottom guide would prevent casing wear on the bottom causing more damage  if you don't know what you are doing!


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