Lambretta Chain guide (slipper) top (upper) load spreading plate, on its own, MB


This item is laser cut in stainless steel

It is to spread the load from the two studs that hold the top chain slipper in place.

You get one in our chain slipper kit but this is just the load spreading plate on its own ideal for if you do buy someone's else's copy who can not be bother to finish off the job.

Lambretta Chain guide (slipper) top (upper) load spreading plate, on its own, MB

£ 3.54
Price: £ 2.95 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Mike P 15 Sep 2011 

Helps secure the top chain guide tensioner as i've had nylon one's come loose even when fixed with good quality nylocs- its only a plate but it's solid and no burrs. what more can you ask for.


5 star 2. Mike P 30 May 2011 

I wasn't sure about torquing down my existing alloy top chain tensioner but this small part ensures a proper job - a simple but quality part - Cheers MB

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Ian T on 28 May 2013 asked "Hi, Do you sell the studs to go will these ? and if so what part number are they as i want to add these to my order. THANKS"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes here MBFST6X38EN

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