Clutch pressure flange (plate) inner bell, MB


This is MB CNC clutch pressure plate (flange) to suit ALL clutch assemblies using internal extended spiders.

It is extended longer than standard which means, when used with our MB crown wheel, it drops lower into the clutch giving more room and no clutch drag.

Using this pressure plate now means you will not need to do any more mods to the clutch parts as before from other sources.

With this set up and with our MB 5 or 6 plate clutch spider (Also works with Readspeed, Camlam, Foxhat spiders but may require filing) you can now fit:

  • 5 x Surflex B clutch plates with 4 x 1.5mm clutch steels
  • 6 x Green/Red plates with 5 x 1.2mm clutch steels
  • Or can be used with thicker bottom friction and steel plates
The quality of this modern product is assured as it has the the Race-Tour branding etched into it.

Please note some non MB clutch spiders may need the fingers reducing or this flange lightly filling to fit.

Clutch pressure flange (plate) inner bell, MB
  • Clutch pressure flange (plate) inner bell, MB
  • Clutch pressure flange (plate) inner bell, MB
  • Clutch pressure flange (plate) inner bell, MB
  • Clutch pressure flange (plate) inner bell, MB
  • Clutch pressure flange (plate) inner bell, MB

£ 77.16
Price: £ 64.30 Ex Vat

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  • Made from CNC solid steel.
  • Spins true.
  • Comes with Gp and Li,Sx,Tv nipples.
  • Allows extra plate plates to be fitted.


  • Mark Broadhurst and MRB, was the first to produce a fully working mass produced 6 plate clutch kit.
  • Fits all Lambretta engines with an extended clutch spider.

Development History

  • Designed to cope with our highly tuned motors developed from the 1980's.
  • Extra long to allow for more free internal movement or allow extra plates to be fitted.

Reasons to Buy

  • The first manufactured 6 plate conversion.
  • Totally reliable.
  • As used by some of the most powerful Lambretta engines ever made.
  • Gives more movement internally.
  • Allows extra plates to be fitted.


  • Use in any clutch set up.
  • This drops lower in the clutch assembly, for perfect use.
  • Use with extended clutch spiders: MRB, Foxhat, Readspeed, Taffspeed or CamLam.
  • MAY require a small amount of filing to slide down other peoples spiders.
  • Can fit from 4 - 7 clutch plates with our MRB crown wheel.
  • The first steel plate may need 5 internal tags filing to let all the plates slide down.

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5 star 1. Mick d 30 Jul 2011 

quality design, material and manufacture - my 5 plate clutch now works as it should without slip or drag @ 20 bhp

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Aaron on 11 Apr 2012 asked "When using this pressure plate with an LI chaincase cover do you still use the original clutch nipple cap or omit it?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: You still use it like standard with the nipple

Jim on 18 Sep 2011 asked "Hi I need a new gp nipple for this. have you got an order number for it cheers Jim"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: You need to phone the shop with this part number XCAS469 £3.84

Matthew C on 28 May 2009 asked "I have a question about "Clutch pressure plate (flange) inner bell, MRB" Recently purchased and it does not fit a standard spider (tried 2) or Foxhat spider"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Our pressure plates are designed to suit our clutch spiders, of which they slide straight down. We have found differences in spiders and most need the pressure flange tweaking by filing each side of the legs slightly.

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