Con rod, Yamaha, 115 x 16mm


This con rod is mostly used to convert the crank for some popular Japanese piston conversions like the:

  • Suzuki 190 (the version where the cylinder is not shortened)
  • Yamaha TS1 200 conversions and large CC Jet ski TS1 230 conversions
  • It is also used in our Race-Tour crankshafts when required for these above conversions

The photo shows a complete con-rod kit, we bin most parts as they can not be used in a Lambretta.

The con-rod is the main part, we use a better big end bearing and special crank pins which are extra.



Con rod, Yamaha, 115 x 16mm

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Christiaan on 09 Dec 2011 asked "Do you sell the crank pin? I cant find it on your website"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: We do one as a spare for the RT cranks which is 22mm but over sized in the webs you need to phone the shop and ask for this number XCAS473

Dan on 10 May 2010 asked "I have a question about "Con rod Yamaha, 115 x 16mm",whats required to fit these to an indian sil crank,ie the big end is wider how do you accommodate the extra width cheers ."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The crank webs needs machining to allow the rod width, crank shims and running clearance, you may need an over sized crank pin to tighten the webs upon assembly.

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