Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT195/200, MBgm

OEM: BGM2200

The new 2017 MBgm Race-Tour 195 cylinder kit with 65mm CAST coated RT piston kit.


  • Alloy cylinder fully cast and machined with modern retro port spec
  • Plated cylinder bore
  • 65mm MBgm CAST coated RT piston kit
  • Machined CNC cylinder head with 8 point mounting
  • High tensile long cylinder studs and special head nuts
  • Exhaust manifold studs and washers
  • MB exhaust deep Brass nuts
  • Inlet gasket
  • 4 point exhaust gasket
  • 0.5 and 0.7mm MB base alloy gaskets
  • 4 high tensile head bolts and washers
  • Uses 200cc inlet stud spacing

Ready to fit.

Small end bearing and head gaskets are separate items.


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Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT195/200, MBgm
  • Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT195/200, MBgm
  • Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT195/200, MBgm
  • Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT195/200, MBgm
  • Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT195/200, MBgm
  • Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT195/200, MBgm

£ 452.35
Price: £ 376.96 Ex Vat

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  • Precision machined.
  • Revised MRB retro old school port timings.
  • Reshaped exhaust port.
  • Reshaped inlet port.
  • Reshaped transfer ports.
  • Porting spec for high powered touring.
  • Extra material for further higher spec tuning and reed valving.
  • Large block cylinder same as Small block cylinder.
  • Uses 200 Inlet stud spacing on both small and large block cylinders.
  • Improved casting thickness around the cylinder head and base gasket.
  • Extra 4 studs if required to tighten the cylinder head.
  • Cylinder head machined so it drops into the bore to centralize squish clearances and prevent gaskets blowing.
  • Improved fuel economy saves money paying for the kit long term.


  • CNC machined.
  • Nicasil bore.
  • Uses MBgm Race-Tour piston at 65mm.
  • Power out put vary depending on set up and who's dyno is used, we've seen from 9 - 22bhp from a standard cylinder.
  • Available with normal 39mm crown height pistons to suit 107mm or 110mm con rods.
  • With the use of different base/head gaskets/packers port timings are adjustable to suit Touring or Road-Race use.

Development History

  • Mark Broadhurst has probably tuned and machined more Lambretta cylinder barrels and heads than anyone else.
  • This development and history of tuning has been put into our touring cylinder kit.
  • The key word is touring.
  • Mark has developed his often copied touring Stage 4 tuning technology and modified it into a modern cylinder kit.

Reasons to Buy

  • Long term reliable and powerful porting specs.
  • Can be used with standard or performance carbs from 18 - 35mm.
  • Can be used with standard exhausts, Clubman or performance expansion chambers.
  • New 4 studded exhaust flange but can still use standard exhausts no problem.
  • Thicker anti warp head and base faces.
  • Improved port flowing.
  • Alloy cylinder to run cooler with an extra top fin.
  • Nicasil plated for long lasting friction free running.
  • Easily modified transfer feeds to match existing over sized transfers.
  • Uses top quality MBgm Race-Tour forged pistons.
  • Cylinder head recessed into the cylinder bore for easy set squish clearances.
  • Extra four studs to bolt cylinder head down.
  • The most versatile Lambretta cylinder kit ever made.


  • Check ring gap before fitting.
  • Check the cylinder slides down the cylinder studs and drops into casing free.
  • Seal base gaskets or face with silicone sealer.
  • Seal cylinder head gasket or faces with a loctite.
  • Torque head nuts down to 18-20 lbs ft and re-torque at 500 - 800 miles.
  • Always check squish clearances, it should be 1 - 1.5mm.
  • These cylinders have a new shape inlet 200 type port, inlet manifolds ideally need matching to suit.
  • Early cylinders can be tight on the exhaust port fins, so some modification is required if using the MBgm Clubman
Gearing, depends on your weight, if you drive 2 up with luggage, the type of riding you want to do, exhausts used and the top speed you want from the kit.

Examples are from 5.2:1 - 4.3:1
  • Li150 Italian 15x46, 16x46, 17x46, 17x47, 18x47
  • Gp125 Italian/Indian 18x47, 19x47,19x46, 20x46, 20x47
  • Sx200 15x46, 16x46
  • Tv200 15x46

Reviews ( 11 )


5 star 1. S r 15 Jan 2016 

Rt195 28mm delly . Mb clubman and 4.8 gearing . Perfect .


5 star 2. Bill 29 Jun 2014 

brought the 195 and had it reedvalved running it on 30mm delly and jl3 with a 58/110 crank, lovely smooth running dont need to rag to get the power its there ready to go


5 star 3. Billy H 27 Nov 2013 

The quality of build is stunning, almost to beautiful to install. The fit is immaculate and the attention to detail is second to none. Simply the best kit ever done. Deserves a place in the Tate Modern Museum, its that good


5 star 4. Wayne M 10 Nov 2013 

Recieved the kit quickly looks really well made and looking forward to fitting it when I get a crank and a clubman


5 star 5. Nickthekorean 08 Dec 2013 

I bought the 195 MB BGM cylinder kit and BGM MB clubman for my series 2 back in june. just want to say that i didnt have that much experience with lambrettas before i bought the kit, so i didnt really know what i was in for. I live in southern california where there are an abundance of lambretta shops and tuners, but i am a cheap ass, so i figured if i bought the tools and did the work myself, eventually i would end up saving money somewhere along the way. anywho, along with any cylinder kit or performance oriented equipment, i soon learned that to make the perfomance stuff more reliable, a GP crank upgrade was due, along with carb/intake, new bearings/seals, upgraded chain tensioners, cables, electronic ignition, electronic flywheel, and im sure a bunch of other expensive s*** i broke along the way. Jet200(Mark H.) was awesome about tutoring me, as well as a buddy who loaned me a sticky's manual, and i was soon on my way. i struggled to perform some remedial lambretta specific tasks due to a lack of specialty tools (i still dont have all of the required ones), however with borrowing from buddies, and having a handy little brother who is a machinist for a roommate, i was able to rebuild the crank case to sticky's specifications, and installed the cylinder kit according to what i found on the lambrettaspares website. as a newbie, i definitely found the gearbox rebuild to be fairly challenging(second guessing caused me to rebuild it about 6 times until i felt really good about it). however, the new MB cylinder kit/intake/exhaust was a snap to put together. it pretty much "fell on". the kit fired up on the second kick, and i actually have video to prove it. im running a 28mm BGM pwk carb with a 45 idle and 125 main jet. the kit feels like a dirtbike with lambretta bodywork! my speedo is in kilometers and i have a feeling it isnt very accurate, however, i am easily able to rip my way through the gears from stop light to stop light and easily hit 100kph in the process. the kit seems to perform down low, as well as wide open, as it can scream way higher than the stock setup of about 5,000rpm or whatever. climbing hills is an absolute breeze, and im able to power past cars or other bikes on the road whenever i am feeling hooliganish. i finally feel like i have everything dialed in, and i would definitely recommend the kit to anyone not satisfied with their small block performance.


5 star 6. Mike A 02 Mar 2014 

This will be the 4th RT top end I've assembled and they just get better every time. Super well designed, manufactured, and packaged.


5 star 7. Neal b 08 Aug 2015 

A fabulous kit the quality of the parts are top end stuff. I had a bit work done by mark to this kit and I enjoyed the level of good workmanship but that always appeals to us older types


5 star 8. Stuart c 15 Apr 2014 

I had the 195 kit last year along with the matching clubman style exhaust. Running a Dellorto 28mm carb Fitted to my TV175 it runs sweet as a nut now the carbs set correct, ( took some messing with ) Sounds great very very pleased with it. Knocks spots off my mates AF 200 stage 4 tuned kit running a 30 mm carb.


5 star 9. Garry i 11 Dec 2015 

I have just fitted my rt195 kit and all I can say is quality from start to finish when you lay your kit out and start to install it everything fits as it should I used the 0.7 base gasket and no head gasket to get a 1.9 squish also fitted the mb exhaust to go with the kit and sounds superb started 3rd kick all I can say is follow the fitting instructions and you will have no problem thanks from a happy customer


5 star 10. Chris D 15 Oct 2016 

Hi received my kit had fitted and I've just started running it in so far so good.This is the 2nd kit I've fitted and I'm very happy with it.I've got a 30ml delorto carb it runs superb.It seems very quick thanks Chris.


5 star 11. Mark G 16 Feb 2017 

Not yet fitted the kit but I think there are enough reviews out there to suggest this kit is among the best small block kits on the market if not the best. Looking at the engineering and quality of the product it is produced to a very high standard and with all the additional parts the kit comes with it makes it excellent value for money. Great job once again.

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Richard on 23 Apr 2017 asked "Hi, the link to the setting up pages for this kit is not working."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: If you reboot the computer it should all work now

Martin on 07 Apr 2016 asked "Hi. I have fitted one of your RT 195 kits along with your clubman exhaust and 25mm PHBL. would you recommend setting the timing at 19 degrees BTDC or going lower, possibly 17? Very impressed with the quality of the kit by the way! "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: We recommend 17 degrees to be safe. You could use 19-20 if you only ride in cities/traffic

Mick T on 06 Apr 2016 asked "I have the 196 race tour kit. What attempting to fit me air manifold to the cylinder the studs are at different centres than the holes in the manifold casting. Can you supply me with a compatible manifold?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: You need a 200 type manifold

Brian R on 02 Mar 2016 asked "Just fitted Rt195 kit, Bgm big box clubman exhaust and 28mm Daellorto carb. Just sorting jetting out and on first few runs at 10 mins max 3500 rpm reaching 140 degrees c CHT.. Plug is light brown colour. What kind or temp would you recommend a a safe maximum"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: All running in and jetting instructions can be read here*-setting-up-instructions/setting-up-*-cylinders-mbgm-rt+255.html

Les on 27 Feb 2016 asked "Hi.i have just got this kit.fitting a 58/110 crank.mb big box clubman..gonna be doing a few runs but mainly be blasting around local roads..what size dellorto carb would you recommend please."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: 28mm works well

Tim on 24 Apr 2015 asked " Hi, i'm looking at replacing my mugello 186 and like the look of this kit. I'm running a 28 mil delorto and a nk road pipe for touring. Is this kit likely to be any better than the mugello and run ok with my carb and pipe? Thanks, Tim"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The 30mm and NK work quite well with this kit. If you want a wider spread of power then use the MBgm Clubman which gives more power lower down and higher up in the rev range

Paul on 14 Oct 2014 asked "if i want to run this kit with a reed valve do you convert the piston in the kit or do I need to purcahse a new one ? Paul "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: I always modify these pistons for 360 degree inlet timing and also modify the inlet port and add a boost port this is our tune up part number LAB293

Mick D on 15 Aug 2014 asked "Hi there, just fitted the 190 RT ,running it with a 22mm carb at the moment with a sx150 gearbox. In 1st & 2nd it revs a lot and the gears seem very short,3rd & 4th are fine once you open up a little bit. Any advise on what would be the best carp and gearing for the kit. Mainly I ride 1 up. "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: All the information is available in our ''Tech-Site''*-setting-up-instructions/setting-up-*-cylinders-mbgm-rt+255.html

Nick W on 03 Jan 2014 asked "Hi Mark. Is the Meceur 60/110mm crank suitable for the small block RT195 kit? It's this one from Scooter Centre: Based on the info on the Tech Site I guess it is but was concerned by their comment regard vibration. This shouldn't apply to RT kit though should it?? Cheers"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: They will work but will be difficult to set up port timings and squish clearances because of the limitation with the con rod length. Would be best with a 60x110mm or just the MEC 58 x 107mm

Alessandro on 01 Jun 2013 asked "Hello Mark. This kit is the same one that will be on sale also Scootercenter? Thank you."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes they are

Jamie on 31 May 2013 asked "Hi Mark, thanks for that. Given your abilities with my favourite 2 wheeled machine I'd like to order one of your RT195 kits and just wanted to ask the following: As it's an imola 185, meaning it has the carb on the chain case side, and an ancillotti exhaust, Will I need to order different manifolds for these? If so do you supply them and what's the price please?? And the next important question given how long its been off the road for... is when can I get one, even a run-in one? Cheers, Jamie"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: If its a 28/30mm you need this manifold MRB0058K. Not sure about the Sito exhaust, ideally swap it for the matching MBgm Big box MBGM0253. I run them in in 5 minutes, doesn't take long if you know how to set up an engine

Jamie on 27 May 2013 asked "Hi Mark, I obviously like the sound of this kit, I need to replace a 10 year old blown imola, with a just fine dellorto 30mm and ancillotti box. I scoot around London mostly, 4 miles here, 10 miles there for getting to jobs. Will this kit be OK for that sort of regular small mileage use? (Obviously there's the occasional trip out..) If so, what info do you need in order to know I'll get the right set-up ,i.e. con-rod, crank type, gear sprocket thangs etc?? Thanks, Jamie"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it is designed for exactly what you asked for and more. It will fit and work with any 58/60mm crank and either a standard 107mm con rod or an improved 110mm con rod as this allows you to set up the clyinder to suit you. You can read more on our Tech-Site here*-small-block/190-*-195-race*tour-+61.html

Jonas P on 26 Feb 2013 asked "Hello, I have got a TV s2 that I'm currently renovating. As I'm quite interested in some more oooumph and the improved cooling of a alloy cylinder, the MBgm rt 190 seems to be just the thing... except for: will you offer a piston to go with the TV crank (116 mm conrod) or will I have to change to a 107 mm setup? The thing is that I would like to have the 116 conrod to be able to convert back to the original cylinder if I should ever want to, and now there are gp/dl cranks with 116 conrods available... Thankful for your reply, //Jonas"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes we will offer short crown height pistons to suit the TV type rod

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