Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT225/230, MBgm

OEM: BGM2225

New 2017 MBgm Race-Tour 225 cylinder kit using the new cast coated MBgm 70mm piston.

It includes:

  • Alloy cylinder fully cast and machined with modern retro port spec
  • Plated cylinder bore
  • 70mm MBgm CAST coated Race-Tour piston kit
  • Machined CNC cylinder head with 8 point mounting
  • High tensile long cylinder studs and special head nuts
  • Exhaust manifold studs and washers
  • MB exhaust deep Brass nuts
  • Inlet gasket
  • 4 point exhaust gasket
  • 0.5 and 0.7mm MB base alloy gaskets
  • 4 high tensile head bolts and washers

Ready to fit.

Small end bearing and heads gasket come separately.


Click here for Setting up instructions


Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT225/230, MBgm
  • Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT225/230, MBgm
  • Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT225/230, MBgm
  • Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT225/230, MBgm
  • Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT225/230, MBgm
  • Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT225/230, MBgm

£ 452.35
Price: £ 376.96 Ex Vat

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  • Precision machined.
  • Revised MRB retro old school port timings.
  • Reshaped exhaust, inlet and transfer ports.
  • Porting spec for high powered touring.
  • Extra material for higher spec tuning.
  • 225 large block cylinder same as 195 small block cylinder.
  • Uses 200 Inlet stud spacing on both small and large block cylinders.
  • Improved casting thickness around the cylinder head and base gasket.
  • Extra 4 studs if required to tighten the cylinder head.
  • Cylinder head machined so it drops into the bore to centralize squish clearances and prevent gaskets blowing.
  • Improved fuel economy saves money paying for the kit long term.


  • CNC machined.
  • Nicasil bore.
  • Uses MB Race-Tour MBgm pistons.
  • Power out put vary depending on set up and who's dyno is used, we've seen from 9 - 22bhp from a standard cylinder.
  • Comes with normal 39mm crown height pistons to suit 107mm or 110mm con rods.
  • With the use of different base/head gaskets/packers port timings are adjustable to suit touring or Road-Race use.

Development History

  • Mark Broadhurst has probably tuned and machined more Lambretta cylinder barrels and heads than anyone else this development and history of tuning has been put into our touring cylinder kit.
  • The key word is touring but with plenty of further tuning potential and reed valving.
  • Mark has developed his often copied touring Stage 4 tuning technology and modified it into a modern cylinder kit.

Reasons to Buy

  • Long term reliable and powerful porting specs.
  • Can be used with standard or performance carbs from 18 - 35mm.
  • Can be used with standard exhausts, Clubman or performance expansion chambers.
  • 4 studded exhaust flange, but can still use standard exhausts no problem.
  • Thicker anti warp head and base faces.
  • Improved port flowing.
  • Alloy cylinder to run cooler with an extra top fin.
  • Nicasil plated for long lasting friction free running.
  • Easily modified transfer feeds to match existing over sized transfers.
  • Uses top quality MBgm Race-Tour forged pistons.
  • Cylinder head recessed into the cylinder bore for easy set squish clearances.
  • Extra four studs to bolt cylinder head down.
  • The most versatile Lambretta cylinder kit ever made.


  • Check ring gap before fitting.
  • Check the cylinder slides down the cylinder studs and drops into casing free.
  • Seal base gaskets or faces with silicone sealer.
  • Seal cylinder head gasket or faces with a loctite.
  • Torque head nuts down to 18-20 lbs ft and re-torque at 500 - 800 miles.
  • Always check squish clearances, it should be 1 - 1.5mm.
  • These cylinders have a new shape inlet 200 type port, inlet manifolds ideally need matching to suit.
  • Early cylinders can be tight on the exhaust port fins, so some modification is required if using the MBgm Clubman
Gearing, depends on your weight, if you drive 2 up with luggage, the type of riding you want to do, exhausts used and the top speed you want from the kit.

Examples are from 5.2:1 - 4.3:1
  • Li150 Italian 15x46, 16x46, 17x46, 17x47, 18x47
  • Gp125 Italian/Indian 18x47, 19x47,19x46, 20x46, 20x47
  • Sx200 15x46, 16x46
  • Tv200 15x46
All this gearing information is in our Tech-Site

Reviews ( 10 )


5 star 1. Sandy M 04 Sep 2012 

I honestly haven't had as much fun riding my lambretta or put on as many 'worry free' miles as i have this summer since the early 90s now that we've got the engine humming just right. thanks again for all your input and answering tedious emails and the tuning, etc. the thing really does behave now as i have always wished it would.


5 star 2. Philipp M 04 Sep 2012 

Lunch time ride out against Oli on Polini rally and Vespa Big Box, Ulf on 1st MBgm barrel (reed) and Sito. Me on the SX 230 RT, think we dominated. this really is the setup worth to be called ultimate and best I ever had!


5 star 3. Gary W 28 Sep 2015 

Many thanks for the swift delivery of items. Fitted this kit along with the BGM exhaust over the weekend. Only done 30 miles or so at the moment, but I can only say that I am impressed!! What a difference to my Mugello, no bogging when pulling away from traffic lights, accelerates from 10mph to 60mph in 5th gear! Excellent, I hope the performance keeps up.


5 star 4. Philipp M 04 Sep 2012 

On the Lambretta since 93 or 94. And it is the best engine I had so far. Every thing I ever wanted.


5 star 5. Conor W 30 Dec 2012 

Nearly 3 years ago I purchased the RT 205 Kit ( with RT crank and PHBL 25mm carb kit ) for my SX200 ( which runs through the air box ( with holes drilled) and a Clubman exhaust ). The scooter continues to run beautifully, really smooth with a broad power band, efficient on fuel and ideal for touring--it has been worth every penny.


5 star 6. Rob 25 Jul 2015 

Fitted this kit using a 58/110 mm crank got the squish at 1.27 mm 47 tooth clutch wheel and a 16 drive. The set up is fantastic I love the sound it produces through the 42 mm clubman exhaust. I would not hesitate to use this kit again. Thanks I love it.


5 star 7. Tom D 09 Sep 2013 

Mark I just recently purchased this kit from your shop via phone. Would just like to say , it us the best quality kit I have ever bought. Money well spent. Everything machined and fitted together beautifully. A real work if art. Followed your online fitting instructions to the t . Using Italian sx 200 casings , all the tolerences were bang on , squish etc virtually as you said it would measure . There are so many bull shitters out there it's a pleasure to deal with grownups who know there stuff . You say on your website you can be anal but please don't stop . I like to think it's cause you do things properly and don't hold back information unlike some other dealers . So it's obvious I am very happy with purchase , runs beautifully just running in now . My sx has had a restoration and now it has the engine to match . Many thanks . Tom Derby ( Medway Aces SC )


5 star 8. 18 Sep 2013 

Just to let you know Bob Chalmers phone up to say his R/T kit is the best cylinder kit he's ever used. He did 200 miles running it in around Fife, then went from Lands End to John O Groats (874miles) in under 24hrs, never missed a beat- best speed was 75mph and cruised at 60-65 no problems.


5 star 9. Peter M 12 Jan 2014 

Mark, Just fitted the RT225 onto my SX. Went like a dream. 0.5 mm Base Gasket and Transfer Ports lined up beautifully with the top of the Piston. No Cylinder Head Gasket required with a final squish clearance of between 1.2 and 1.27 mm. Brilliant product! Pete


5 star 10. Grant M 27 May 2015 

Running this RT225 with an open mouthed 28mm Dellorto and a JL pipe and I have to say its pretty quick. On an Indian GP200 gear box it really comes alive in 3rd and 4th with a torquey, confident and effortless power delivery. This kit in my opinion is a significant step up in performance from a standard 200. Fitting the kit was easy although I did have to file the piston ring gaps to achieve the recommended gap. I also had to shave a little of the exhaust fins to get my exhaust stub to fit (two minutes with a Dremil). A quality kit with comprehensive instructions on MB's tech site. A quick and powerful touring 225 and at £360 represent cracking value for money. Fuel consumption isn't to deadly and the fasted I've achieved is 76mph in favourable weather conditions. Very pleased with my purchase.

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Dave on 05 Apr 2017 asked "Hi, am planning on buying this kit, if I do would you be able to advise on basic jetting. I have the BGM exhaust and a 28 Dellorto PHBH currently jetted for a Monza(both bought from yourselves)."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes we can but all this information is on our Tech-Site. As is setting up and running in instructions

John on 04 Oct 2016 asked "Hi, you state barrel is a plated cylinder bore. Is this Nicasil ? Thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Nicasil

Paul L on 17 Sep 2016 asked "Hi I have recently purchased RT 225 kit ,along with 30 mil dellorto carb and mk 3 bgm exhaust .I'm having trouble starting and when I do the scooter is running badly in 3rd and 4th gear , I have had it on the dyno .The main jet was lowered to a 120 yet still running as if is rich in 3rd and 4th ,the plug is a nice brown colour . im worried to drop main any smaller ,I would appreciate if you have any ideas .thanks Paul "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Some kits run smaller main jets if fitted with a air filter, but be careful. It could be a rich atomiser causing the problem

Mark H on 21 Jan 2016 asked "Hi just received my RT225 kit. Do you do a 4 point fitting exhaust stub for the kit that my franspeed super tourer will fit into ? Regards Mark "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: We only do these,-steel-4-hole-type,-8mm-thick,-mb/mrb0845.html

Alan D on 27 Dec 2014 asked "I currently have a SX200 casing which has had the transfer ports modified by yourselves to match a TS1 etc (match and flow / LAB019) Could you tell me if this kit would fit the modified casing ? Thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes no problem but the transfers will need matching, which is an easy DIY job or we can do it

Dom on 25 Jul 2013 asked "I'm planning on buying one of these kits, along with one of your BGM clubman exhausts, dellorto carb kit and having the inlet and exhaust manifolds matched. What set up would you suggest would be the best, standard size crank or 60mm and which carb kit 28mm Dellorto or the 30mm? Cheers, Dom"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It's totally up to you on crank size, both work well and the kit works perfect with both, same with the carb both work well. I guess 60mm and 30mm for more top end speed

Steve on 17 Oct 2012 asked "Hi,is this kit piston port or reed valve and when are you expecting some more in stock? Cheers.....Steve"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: These are piston port. Due Dec/Jan

Mick d on 14 Oct 2012 asked "hello, can you run this kit with a 60mm stroke crank? if so do you recommend any modifications? thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes 60, 62 and 64mm cranks. 60mm is easy, straight fit just set up using packers to set port timings or head gaskets for squish clearance.

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