Electronic ignition stator plate, 12 Volt AC, BGM

OEM: 8030572

This is the latest spec electronic stator plate from BGM, ideal as a direct replacement to any electronic stator.

It comes with Grey and Black sleeving and is the highest output stator available.

Now comes with adjusting plates so the pickup can be raised.

Now comes with longer slots for more adjustment.

It only requires the standard 20 amp regulator.

These new stators are the most powerful you can get using a Lambretta flywheel.

TIP! When ever you replace an electrical ignition part always strobe and check timing is correct.

Electronic ignition stator plate, 12 Volt AC, BGM
  • Electronic ignition stator plate, 12 Volt AC, BGM
  • Electronic ignition stator plate, 12 Volt AC, BGM
  • Electronic ignition stator plate, 12 Volt AC, BGM
  • Electronic ignition stator plate, 12 Volt AC, BGM
  • Electronic ignition stator plate, 12 Volt AC, BGM
  • Electronic ignition stator plate, 12 Volt AC, BGM

£ 86.65
Price: £ 72.21 Ex Vat

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  • Highest powered stator.
  • Supplied with Black and Grey sleeving.
  • Supplied with extra long wiring.


  • Remade modern copies of the original Italian electronic stator plate.
  • Latest version comes with adjusting plates if required on certain set ups.
  • If when strobing the ignition timing if timing moves around, first port of call is change the electronic coil for a known working one.
  • If you can not gain the timing within the slots, consider a Kytronik Smart Booster and the advantages by fitting one

Development History

  • Developed to replace old existing stator plates.
  • Improved to give higher power outputs.

Reasons to Buy

  • Modern up to date engineering.
  • Direct swap.
  • Works with Italian or Indian flywheels.
  • High quality base plate casting.
  • Black and Grey sleeve supplied.
  • Extra long wires if required.


  • Always check and reset ignition timing.
  • Always strobe ignition to check timing is correct.
  • Always check the black pick up box doesn't rub on the flywheels inner face before the flywheel is torqued down.
  • If pickup rubs read instructions supplied.
  • If you are using a standard Vespa regulator, these are well within the 15 amperes required.

Reviews ( 6 )


5 star 1. Giacomo P 27 Sep 2008 

The nicest stator I have ever purchased, top quality craftsmanship, works great, Thank you very much MRB


5 star 2. BigRich 03 Jun 2009 

I have been running one of these for a while now. I cannot recommend highly enough Another fabulous product Thanks MB


5 star 3. Ian T 24 May 2016 

A solid well made stator An absolute must to a Lambretta electrical system It's transformed mine after an Indian stator before this.


5 star 4. Grahame N 28 Jul 2016 

Great piece of kit, well made and good quality


5 star 5. Ken 27 Oct 2016 

Great product. Fitted well. The extra packing pieces are engineered really well. Made setting the pick up height really easy.


5 star 6. Ken 25 Nov 2016 

The difference between this and my previous stators is nothing less than remarkable. Its like I have a different scooter. My scooter starts with the slightest of kicks and I no longer have to twist the throttle frantically to keep the engine idling. You really do get what you pay for.

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Paul on 08 Oct 2014 asked "Can I run this stator with the older type rectifier, or do I need the newer type? "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it is a straight swap

George s on 23 May 2014 asked "Hi can you tell me have you improved your stator plate for a AF fly wheel as I am thinking of buying one "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: They are supposed to be now

Richard on 09 Aug 2011 asked "How has the stator been improved, and what wattage is it now putting out?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Tested and rewired to get the most power output from the flywheels magnetism. Theres talk of 120 Watts, but this is the limit set by the magnets.

Mark D on 15 May 2011 asked "I have a question about "Electronic stator plate, BGM type, 120W, version 2" What flywheel would you recommend for this when using with an Imola kit and Agusto retard unit -- looking for alternative to varitronic."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The BGM stator works well with the Indian flywheels for this purpose.

Russ on 03 Jun 2010 asked "I have a question about "Electronic stator plate, BGM type, 120W version"Hi, can you tell me why you advise to not use with the af later type flywheel""

MB Scooters Ltd replied: There are difference with lots of flywheels, some can produce a miss fire, the AF flywheel has brass rivets which seem to cause a miss fire, we are working to improve the BGM stator to improve them and work with all flywheels for the future.

Kevin W on 14 Mar 2010 asked "I have a question about "Electronic stator plate, BGM type, 120W version" Hi Mark, Can I use this stator with my original gp150 Italian flywheel, as I'm still running 6v points electrics ? Thanks for any advice."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: No, this is a electronic type stator, you require a points type stator or you could swap for a complete electronic kit.

Ian m on 11 Dec 2008 asked "Hi Mark, How does the standard 12V ac regulator stand up to the increased output? Is there any reduction in lifespan? Thanks, ian"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The standard regulator is well within the safe working operation of the 120 watt stator.

Dave W on 31 Jul 2008 asked "I have a question about "Electronic stator plate, BGM type, 120W version" Recently purchase from you a new Ducati CDI and regulator along with your mounting kit . It looks great as I can put the new items under the rear frame where they should be. It was a tough job, especially when I replaced all of the wiring without removing the floor boards or legshield! Anyway, when I looked at the old stator wire sleeving, I noticed two things: The white wire in the sleeve was actually broken and was just sitting in the stator loom. Secondly, the wire loom was not long enough to now reach the new CDI with its new location, as my old wiring system had an ugly unction box on the panel bracket Can I fit the BGM 120 v stator to my Indian GP with an indian flywheel? Is the BGM stator wire long enough to reach the CDI in its new position? What tools would I need to install it? Does the BMG stator have long enough wiring to reach the CDI (right side) without the need for a junction box by the stator? If I make the purchase, what other tools would I need for the install and do you carry them?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The BGM stator comes with long wires that can fit anywhere in the area where our mounting brackets fit.

Using our loom means you do not require the junction box.

To fit a new stator you will require a flywheel holding tool and flywheel extractor.

You will also require some timing equipment.

Refer to the Spanners manual on how to do the job.

If you feel something is not correct with this product description or image then please contact us using the same link