Gasket, exhaust, round flange, MB


We have these TS1 type exhausts gaskets made in the UK for us.

They are suitable for any TS1 / Imola / Monza / RB type cylinder.

This gasket is considered as a use and throw away item, although it can be used again.

Gasket, exhaust, round flange, MB

£ 2.05
Price: £ 1.71 Ex Vat

Reviews ( 3 )


5 star 1. Andrew d 19 Jun 2014 

great item good fit well recomended


5 star 2. Mike 13 May 2016 

I've used these for a while now and have them on all my engines - I've never had one fail. I drill and lock wire bolts and again have not had any problems since i switched to this combo..


5 star 3. Greasenipple 04 Nov 2016 

Helpful advice, quick service, top service. Hang on its only a gasket! Yes but I needed advice as it has been fitted to my ported Gilera Runner not a Lammy . Cheers guys.

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