Lambretta cylinder kit, factory SIL 200, MB


This extremely popular cylinder kit is one of our best selling items.

We take an Indian cylinder and match it to one of our high quality Race-Tour pistons.

We add an Indian head reprofiled to suit today's modern fuel.

Also in the kit are the base, head, inlet and exhaust gaskets and all studs, nuts and washers.

These cylinders are very hard wearing and work well with either a 25, 28 or 30mm Dellorto carburettor kits, Clubman or an expansion.

These kits can produce between 16 - 23HP.

Lambretta cylinder kit, factory SIL 200, MB

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Henry p on 07 Dec 2016 asked "What is the best piston and crankshaft to use with this kit?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: This kit comes with a MB forged piston. Crank wise any will do really but we do have our preferred cranks either hand built or the BGM cranks

Paul D on 11 Nov 2015 asked "Have you or SIL reworked the transfer ports on this item, as you mention elsewhere that there had been a problem on these? Also should a standard SIL crank/bearings be OK with the stage 4 tune?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: From SIL they are really rough and can be at different sizes. In our factory kit, I clean them a little so they look better. We do have a labour charge to totally flow the transfer ports if you want that doing

Ian B on 05 Oct 2015 asked "I have a SX200 bored to 225. The engine has not been used for 40 years. Would this kit be a straight swap, running a 22mm dellorto and standard exhaust?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it's a straight swap, just up jet a little

Ross T on 12 May 2011 asked "I have a question about "Factory 200 cylinder kit stage 4 (barrel, head, piston kit)" Do they make good touring kits ? if using GP gearing 5.2:1 with 25mm delorto and ancillotti exhaust what top speed and crusing is expected ? is heat dissipation / siezure a problem ?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: They make very good kits, we see nearly no problems from them. Sped always depends on a number of factors. But I would expect to see a top speed of 60-65mph+ and will cruise nicely at 55-60mph+. Overheating is depends on how well the engine is set up.

Jimmy on 13 Jul 2009 asked "I have a question about "Factory 200 cylinder kit stage 4 (barrel, head, piston kit)" What do you recommend on the brake in period, and can you advise if a 20 to 30 min breaking in in a dyno is advisable or not.. thanks "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Full running in instructions come free with the kit. Run a motor in on the road.

SEBASTIEN M on 21 Oct 2008 asked "I have a question about "Factory 200 cylinder kit stage 4 (barrel, head, piston kit)" Hello MRB what final gear ratio do you recommend with this kit ( assuming mounting with a revtour /clubman and carb 28PHBH ) SX200 4.8 gear ratio or GP200 gear 5.2 ratio ? many thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: This depends on many factors.

A gear ratio between 520:1 to 480:1 is usually fine.

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