Lambretta Fork springs, uprated 3 stage progressive (tightly wound spring to top) pair, MB


Normal fork springs work at the same rate on and off no matter what the load is. Old springs go coil bound and weak Indian springs can go coil bound and weak as you are fitting them!

Mark designed these special three stage progressive springs to suit all Lambrettas be it race or road.

These three stage springs are computer designed to give a soft feel under normal driving they increase in strength under braking on large bumps and stiffen even more when under full race braking.

These are the ultimate Lambretta fork springs ever designed.

Another tested product designed by Mark Broadhurst.

Fit them with the tightly wound springs at the top if not sure balance the spring in the middle of your finger the heavy end will show up.

TOP TIP there will not be much difference with tight coils at the top or bottom on the computer they work the same its all about sprung and unsprung weight either way always fit the tightly wound springs in the same position.

This is another MB product especially made in England.

If you want to stiffen the front end fit our thicker fork stops.


Lambretta Fork springs, uprated 3 stage progressive (tightly wound spring to top) pair, MB

£ 49.10
Price: £ 40.92 Ex Vat

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Reviews ( 7 )


5 star 1. Robert G 18 Apr 2006 

Ive fitted these to a few lambretta now along with the stainless MB rods and they transform the front end so that they actually stick to the road! Definatley recommended, specially in conjunction with a disk up front.


5 star 2. Stuart k 04 Dec 2011 

if u want quality buy these


5 star 3. Neil 19 May 2011 

A hydraulic disc upgrade led me to look into these. They have made a huge difference to the handling, bike now feels sharper rather than a bit wallowy. Great product and the usual fast service that we all take for granted, keep it up guys.


5 star 4. Phil 17 Jun 2013 

After spending two weeks in France for the Euro Lambretta these springs got fully tested. Some of the rural roads were in a terrible state, however thanks to the springs it meant a smooth ride. Very impressed.


5 star 5. Tim B 04 Apr 2017 

Having these springs fitted made a staggering difference to road holding, safety and ridability, excellent value and probably the best item that you can fit to a Lambretta that gives so much back to the rider. They turn an articulated see-saw into a road hugging monster with very little dive. The front suspension is firmed up, I've only got standard dampers too! So much fun to ride and chuck around bends, don't know how I got away with the old ones but can't recommend these springs highly enough.


5 star 6. Scott S 02 Mar 2014 



5 star 7. Mark R 22 May 2016 

Great piece of kit.Don't know the condition of my previous springs but these perform 100% better,and I'm just a weekend rider so for me to notice a difference they must be pretty good.Best service also from top scooter folk.Thankyou.

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Ian on 26 Oct 2017 asked "Would you recommend the double thickness stops or standard with these springs. I have a standard series 2 which bottoms out when using the front brake."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: No use the single ones

RK on 11 Dec 2009 asked "Should these be installed thick coiling facing up or down, or does it matter at all?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: As it says in the title (tightly wound spring to top)

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