Fork steering bearing lower race for Lambretta forks MB


MB UK made lower steering race for the forks.

This race is fitted onto your forks (Series 1, 2, 3)

They often get pitted with rust over the years.

To remove the old one use the two holes under your forks and hit the race with a drift to remove it.

To fit use a soft drift and tap down on opposite sides, if it locks up, remove it and gently run a file around the fork stem (fork stems vary in size, some are tight some are a perfect fit, if you hit it down and it locks and you keep going the race may split)

Fork steering bearing lower race for Lambretta forks MB

£ 8.05
Price: £ 6.71 Ex Vat

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Reviews ( 2 )


5 star 1. Shaun h 27 Jun 2017 

great bit of kit well made


5 star 2. Wings 03 Jan 2014 

Looks good, feels good, great fit; quality!! Gotta love the turnaround time as well. Awesome.

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Graham W on 07 Jul 2017 asked "Mark, I have Fitted the new steering bearings, top and bottom but still a little slack Near side to off (2mm) but tight Front to back. Is that ok or should I replace something else?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: This is common, bent frame and fork stems! If it's not too bad the best cure is use loose balls in the top and bottom. Buy 2 sets of each, pop out the balls, grease the bearing races and fit as many as you can. Usually works great.

Gary W on 14 Sep 2016 asked "Will this fit a Series 2?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it will

Ben on 12 Jan 2016 asked "Hi, can you tell me the best way to fit these please? I hear al sorts of scare stories about getting them on right, so do you have a tool to fit them properly?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It's a simple job. Clean around the area the bearing sleeve fits to bare metal. Use some grease smeared around the area. Offer the sleeve in place and gently tap either side of the sleeve with a soft drift evenly (you could use a tube). If the sleeve locks up solid after a few hits, remove it and gently file around the area to be fitted. Some forks vary in size.

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