Layshaft, MB


Remade and re-designed by Mark Broadhurst.

Made in the UK using modern materials and heat treatment.

Another improved MB Product.

Marked with the Race-Tour brand.

Layshaft, MB
  • Layshaft, MB
  • Layshaft, MB
  • Layshaft, MB
  • Layshaft, MB
  • Layshaft, MB

£ 145.22
Price: £ 121.02 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Martyn J 04 Mar 2010 

Excellent piece of engineering, perfect fit!


5 star 2. Mick d 15 Oct 2009 

superb piece of engineering, pleasantly suprised when i took it out of the packaging. well worth the money


5 star 3. Fraser 05 Apr 2011 

What a beautiful piece of engineering. Can't compare to anything else available, just far superior. Even my 5 year old son thought the alternative was an old one compared to the MB one, and that was new too! Quality piece, quality company, and very prompt delivery. Thanks MB.


5 star 4. Stephen w 05 Nov 2011 

stock piling parts for future use so am happy to have mb dvelopments products


5 star 5. Tim B 04 Apr 2017 

Bought an Indian Import about a year ago and took it to get a wobbly wheel looked at, anyway £2000 spent scooter running well but wobbly wheel is back. The only part that wasn't changed was the layshaft. Ordered a new MB one which is now fitted and no more wobbly wheel. The biggest thing I got out of this is knowing a really good piece of engineering is providing a safe and effective drive to the wobble free rear wheel. If you're stripping your engine down fit one and be safe don't wait for it to fail.

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Miles H on 25 Nov 2016 asked "Does this layshaft fit a standard LI 150 Series 1? Thanks Miles"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes fits all Series 1, 2 and 3 Lambrettas

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