Handle bar (headset) clutch lever for all standard clutch housings, short dog leg type, MB


Designed by Mark Broadhurst and made for MRB.

This alloy short dog leg clutch lever fits straight into a standard clutch lever housing without modification.

This lever replaces our very popular extra long clutch lever conversion.

It is shorter, closer to the handlebar, gives a better feel and better pull.

Ideally suited to use with our friction free cable.

Handle bar (headset) clutch lever for all standard clutch housings, short dog leg type, MB

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Reviews ( 5 )


5 star 1. Brian 25 Apr 2010 

Hi I fitted this new clutch lever today it works a treat stopped my clutch drag with its extra pull. its worth every penny


5 star 2. Ian G 19 May 2010 

Just fitted the MB dog-leg lever and new clutch cable to my GP. The feel and operation is unbelievably smooth and can pull it in with just two fingers. Highly recommended!


5 star 3. John c 11 Oct 2010 

very nice fit matches my Yamaha cylinder lever,stops clutch drag a treat thanks MB


5 star 4. Lee B 26 Mar 2011 

Does exactly what everybody else has said!! sorted my problem straight out!


5 star 5. Mike P 30 May 2011 

Another Quality part from MB as i've tried many different levers and this one works and looks the bee's knees...nice colour too, it looks Black in the photo, but is actually like the other 'rust resistant' MB cast pats (however this one is alloy of course).

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Darren P on 12 Oct 2008 asked "I have a question about "Clutch lever for all clutch housings, MRB" Will I have to modify the clutch housing ?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: This lever is designed as a straight swap into an unmodified clutch housing.

Not all clutch housings are the same so the fit may vary.

It fits best into an Italian housing but Indian and Far East housings vary.

So to be perfect you may need to alter it very slightly.

If you feel something is not correct with this product description or image then please contact us using the same link