Bar ends for late Lambretta Series 3, painted Black, pair, MB


Our popular alloy bar end weights,  these are a Black painted pair, the bar ends are lightly bead blasted then painted black to give a Matt finish. (due to customer demand for black)

Used in conjunction with our TZR type race grips.

The alloy bar ends tap into each end of late SX and GP handlebars.

These bar ends effectively extend the length of the bars which suits Yamaha type clutch and brake levers (requires a slight modification for the early Series 3 rods, two slits need cutting into the alloy) Just to be on the safe side always use a small amount of loctite when fitting and use a soft hammer to tap them into the handlebars.

An excellent MRB custom product to finish off your handlebars.

Please note that photos of grips on this item are just for illustration purpose only, this item is just a pair of bar ends.

Bar ends for late Lambretta Series 3, painted Black, pair, MB

£ 18.28
Price: £ 15.23 Ex Vat

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