Lambretta Headset (handlebar) Gear pulley (roller, wheel) quick action type, steel, MB


Another innovation from Mark Broadhurst - for years Mark has made one off larger quick action pulleys for his own bikes.

This stops the clutch and arm being pulled into the air for 1st gear and wrapping your arm around in 4th.

The large wheel means you can have less movement between each gear selection, making gear selection much easier.

Made in Steel to gain weight in the headset and adds to all the other precision made heavy bushes and rods to help reduce vibration in the headset area.

It also stops slop from using roll pins in plastic bushes.

These use 5mm roll pins as per the stronger Indian plastic rollers, if you have an Italian rod with a 4mm hole then it needs drilling to 5mm.

Lambretta Headset (handlebar) Gear pulley (roller, wheel) quick action type, steel, MB
  • Lambretta Headset (handlebar) Gear pulley (roller, wheel) quick action type, steel, MB
  • Lambretta Headset (handlebar) Gear pulley (roller, wheel) quick action type, steel, MB

£ 29.82
Price: £ 24.85 Ex Vat

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With some headsets and speedo's it maybe possible that the gear roller will touch.

Carefully grind the area where the wheel touches the speedo to make sure it spins free.

Reviews ( 2 )


5 star 1. Steve B 06 Aug 2015 

Quality item fast service as usual !!


5 star 2. Richard B 13 Jul 2014 

Great piece of kit and easy to fit. Transforms gear changing and recommended purchase

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Hank U on 18 Oct 2015 asked "Stupid question and I think mechanically I know the answer, but just wanted to confirm: With the bigger wheel, as the gear selector is rotated and each subsequent gear is engaged, will the numbers on the perch now not be lined up with the respective gear? Cheers!"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: They wont be far out

Marek ( on 25 Jul 2015 asked "Would this and the quick action throttle fit a serveta jet200? Or just the gas. Thanks in advance Mav"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It will if it's a rod and pin type of roller

Peter M on 21 Jan 2015 asked "Can this be modified or splined to suit an early splined control rod?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: sorry no but you could convert the rods and bushes to MB GP types

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