Lambretta Fork overhaul, labour only, MB


This price is for MB engineers to professionally overhaul your forks a job over looked we take our time to equal off both fork links making your bike a pleasure to ride.

If you are interested please call the shop for details on 01709 869756.

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Lambretta Fork overhaul, labour only, MB

£ 108.28
Price: £ 90.23 Ex Vat

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Lambretta Fork steering race protection plate (dust cover) stainless steel, MB

The area where this item fits is very prone to corrosion.    Water gets flicked up by the wheel and things rust.    This item is laser cut... [more]

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Lambretta Fork link damper stud, stainless steel, each, MB

This is the new MB remade disc link damper stud redesigned to straighten up dampers to the forks.    Made in stainless steel.    It is suitable for... [more]

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Fork damper brackets for the top, weld on type to convert 125/150 forks to 17/200 spec, pair

This is a pair of upper damper brackets to weld onto your Lambretta forks.  There is no precise position to weld them but we would... [more]

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Lambretta Fork springs, uprated 3 stage progressive (tightly wound spring to top) pair, MB

Normal fork springs work at the same rate on and off no matter what the load is. Old springs go coil bound and weak... [more]

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Lambretta Fork link total overhaul kit (bolts, nuts, washers, bushes and caps) pair, stainless steel, MB

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Lambretta Fork rods, Li, Sx, Tv, pair, stainless steel, MB

We were getting sick and tired of the poor quality of Li Sx Tv type fork rods that so we decided to make them... [more]

£ 29.68£ 24.73 (Ex Vat)
Fork rods, Lambretta GP and late Sx, pair, stainless steel, MB

We were getting sick and tired of the inconsistent quality of GP type fork rods that are available so we decided to have a... [more]

£ 35.98£ 29.98 (Ex Vat)
Fork rods ball bearings, Lambretta Gp, pair

This pair of balls sits in the round hole on GP links and Gp fork rod.  You need a pair per set of forks.... [more]

£ 5.18£ 4.32 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Fork cable spring clip for speedo and front brake cables, stainless steel, MB

We were fed up with the quality of the remade fork cable spring clips we made our own.    This is our MB Stainless steel spring... [more]

£ 5.03£ 4.19 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Fork spring stops, nylon, single thickness, pair, MB

This is a pair of fork spring stops remade in nylon which go up inside your forks.    The fork spring rests on them... [more]

£ 4.30£ 3.58 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Fork links, disc type Gp200 type, pair (with nylon bushes) high tensile steel, MB

We were so disappointed with the remade Indian and Italian links that we decided to have our own made.    They are made in the UK... [more]

£ 151.58£ 126.32 (Ex Vat)

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5 star 1. Barry D 04 Mar 2012 

You can't compromise with safety and knowing these forks have been built by professionals to the highest standard using the best products available gives me complete confidence when riding. Many scooter restorations appear to overlook the importance of a professional fork rebuild. In my opinion, safety comes first, a nice paint job comes second.

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