Shim, Lambretta kickstart washer, 1.5mm, stainless steel, MB


We remade the kick-start washers in two thicknesses to make it easier to shim up the kick-start shaft with the right thickness washer.

We have seen engines where the kick-start shaft has moved in and rubbed on the top clutch plate.

We've even seen ones where the kick-start has gone in so far the clutch sprocket has cut through the large kick-start spring!

This washer is laser cut from stainless steel.

22.5 x 36mm

Another MB product.

Shim, Lambretta kickstart washer, 1.5mm, stainless steel, MB

£ 2.26
Price: £ 1.88 Ex Vat

Reviews ( 3 )


5 star 1. Andy.D&DSC 15 Feb 2010 

The two options Kickstart Shim Washer are truly worth having!


5 star 2. Steve 10 May 2013 

Once fitted with the modified circlip it has eliminated all the slack 10/10


5 star 3. Kev E 06 Mar 2017 

spot on, sorted my kick start arm/clutch clearance problem. Quality parts as usual

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