Lambretta Magneto housing, plain


This is an Indian magneto housing.

They look a little rough but are perfectly functional.

They can be used on any Series 2 or 3 scooter and can also be fitted to a Series 1 as an upgrade.

Lambretta Magneto housing, plain

£ 44.24
Price: £ 36.87 Ex Vat

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N b on 04 Nov 2015 asked "When you supply a Mag case will it be skimmed for use or are the Indian Mag cases OK"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Ready to fit no problems

Sebastien M on 28 Jun 2008 asked "I have a question about "Magneto housing plain" : Hello MRB Does it need to be trimmed to work with BGM stators and AF light flywheel ?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: All mag housings should be trimmed to suit the BGM and AF flywheel.

The fault lies within the flywheels design, it was exactly the same with the Italian versions from the 1980's.

If you use the MRB Race-Tour crankshaft you may not need to machine the flywheel as the crankpin is 05mm wider and spacers the flywheel away from the stator.

Our cranks come with a thicker mag housing gasket to allow for the wider crankpin, ideally the inner mag housing face needs 05 - 10mm machining off to allow the crank to fit perfect if fitting the AF flywheel.

We do not sell the AF flywheels for the problems that come with them.

Peter R on 22 Jun 2008 asked "Is this for 150's or 200's."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Hi these fit both models

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