Bearing, end plate layshaft outer track, MB


This track/bush is pressed into the gearbox endplate and the layshaft needle bearing runs in it.

They do wear and are worth changing.

If you have a wobble on your rear wheel, most people blame the rear hub bearing and change that, most times it's wear on the layshaft/layshaft needle bearing and end plate outer track/bush.

The outer track/bush is important, if it wears or is the wrong sizes by a very small amount the rear wheel will wobble, this can be a MOT failure.

Fed up with inferior supplys where we couldn't gaurantee size tolerances we made our own.

This is the new MB UK made version.

Bearing, end plate layshaft outer track, MB

£ 14.80
Price: £ 12.33 Ex Vat

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Dermot on 23 May 2014 asked "Are these standard indian tracks or ones youve had remade ? "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Main NOS Spanish

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