Engine mounting, Sx, Tv, Gp, each


These have been our prefer engine mounts for many years until the BGM mounts were made, there's nothing wrong with these and make a cheaper version to the BGM mounts.

They can be fitted to any Series 1, 2 or 3 casing to improve the ride and reduce vibration.

This is the price for one mount two are required.

Will either be 2 or 3 holed variants, sorry we can not control supplies but both are are good as each other.

TECH TIP........ Always either grind or machine a longer chamfer on the leading edge of the mounts before fitting

Engine mounting, Sx, Tv, Gp, each

£ 18.82
Price: £ 15.68 Ex Vat

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4 star 1. Kevin H 17 Oct 2013 

These are genuine SIL GP engine mounts. With roads in India what they are these are an improvement over Innocenti's design. They were easy to install using the MB silent bloc tool. Just make sure there is a chamfer on the leading edge of the engine mount, some of them are not chamfered making installation difficult.

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Frank on 03 Oct 2008 asked "I have a question about "Engine mounting Sx Tv Gp". With the 2 hole variety mounts,which way should the holes face when fitted? cheers frank"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: If you read Sticky's spanners manual it tells you in there

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