Oil, gearbox MTL-E 85 (ST90) modern formula gearbox oil, Series 1, 2 and 3, Maxima


Superior gearbox oil for all Lambrettas, Series 1, 2 and 3

For all air and water-cooled 2-stroke and 4-stroke transmissions with wet clutch systems.

Reduces clutch slip.

With additives to keep the engine components clean,.

MTL-E 85 has been significantly improved with new technologically advanced additive systems that drastically improve clutch life and reduce slippage. While accomplishing this, MTL provides outstanding anti-wear protection and lubrication to the transmission as well. This new formula has been extensively tested on the race track by Maxima.

MB has been doing a lot of research into different oils, including different grades, viscosity etc, with this American company, Maxima, we have found a company who is dedicated to producing the finest road/racing oils available to 2-stroke owners and 4-stroke owners alike, we are satisfied that this gearbox oil is the best that can be used in a Lambretta, whether its a standard Li 125 or full race-tuned 250 Lambretta.

And Yes, It does mix with regular gearbox oil (eg ST90) but we would recommend a complete oil change if using Maxima MTL-E85 for the first time to take advantage of all the benefits of this oil.

Oil, gearbox MTL-E 85 (ST90) modern formula gearbox oil, Series 1, 2 and 3, Maxima

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5 star 1. Anth B 29 Nov 2012 

Once again great product and very fast delivery.


5 star 2. BigRich 06 Oct 2011 

At last a top quality gearbox oil for lambrettas ! Thanks MB once again you are leading the way forward !!


5 star 3. Kevin 09 Oct 2011 

Used this in America on my WCLW tuned Humiliator TS1 and it's a very good gear oil, as recommended by Vince Mross. Nice to see it over the pond.


5 star 4. Chris 20 Sep 2014 

This gear oil is a vast improvement on the standard st90 oil, all gears select easily without any problem, this will be my oil of choice from now on.


5 star 5. Kevin 16 May 2015 

Well what can i say...... I tryed Rock oil st90..... I tryed Puterline sae90....... I kept getting clutch slip no mattter what I done..... Now brought MTL-E 85 from MB Developments and put it into my gearbox and well I have had no clutch slip what so ever......well buy more soon

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Alfie on 26 Jul 2016 asked "I ride a lambretta gp225 ts1 with 6 plate cosa clutch, would this gear oil suit my setup?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes should be perfect

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