Carburettor only, 25mm Dellorto PHBL


This is a 25mm PHBL carburettor.

It is as it comes from the factory and has not had the jetting touched by us.

Carburettor only, 25mm Dellorto PHBL

£ 94.70
Price: £ 78.92 Ex Vat

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Adam on 02 Feb 2016 asked "Hi Have a li 125 s3 witha 186 head, Currently with a 30mm dellorto carb fitted. Want to drop down to the 25mm for better reliability. Can I fit this carb straight on with a remote filter and will I have to up jet. Cheers Adam "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes you can fit it, you can use the original manifold with a stepped rubber, or fit a new manifold. Best phone the shop to confirm this one.

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