Gudgeon pin for Lambretta Race-Tour pistons, MB


This gudgeon pin (wrist pin) is suitable for use with ALL MB Race-Tour pistons and various 200cc pistons.

Gudgeon pin for Lambretta Race-Tour pistons, MB

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Price: £ 12.87 Ex Vat


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Chris on 19 Mar 2013 asked "I am installing a modified GP crank with a 110mm Jap con rod. The barrel I am using is a MB tuned Stage 4 GP with a Race-Tour piston. I will be replacing the piston gudgeon pin with new, and want to know the dimensions of the gudgeon pin used for the Race-Tour and whether the Race-Tour piston should take a wider 16x20x22 gudgeon pin bearing."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: This is the Gudgeon pin MPP16GUD57 and this is the small end required 20mm wide MBB0112

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