Continental Tyre, 350:10, Original Classic K62


Scooter Fitment …. Lambretta – Vespa – Automatic

Speed Rating …. J 62mph

Load Rating …. 59 243kg

Racing Compound …. N/A

Road Compound …. Medium - Hard

Riding Application …. Vintage – Classic – Urban – Touring

Tube or Tubeless …. Tube or Tubeless

Reinforced …. Yes 

Side Wall …. Black Wall

Continental Tyre, 350:10, Original Classic K62

£ 35.64
Price: £ 29.70 Ex Vat

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The traditional tyre for riders seeking a retro look.

With the combination of segment and block profiles, these tyres achieve a traditional image

All sizes are available with Whitewalls or Blackwalls

The K62 and LB scooter tyres provide excellent grip and durability for the style conscious scooter owner


The modern tread compound makes current technology available for older Scooters

Reasons to Buy

Conti's long term tyre design which has stood the test of time for many Scooterists.


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