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These stainless steel parts are for the Lambretta forks. Many are not just stainless steel versions of a part, they may be improved in some way.

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Fork link bolt, each, stainless steel, MB

Also available in our extremely popular fork link overhaul kit, this is a high quality CNC machined fork link bolt, in stainless steel.    They are... [more]

£ 10.87£ 9.06 (Ex Vat)
Fork link bolt with half nut and shake proof washer, stainless steel, MB

This is a stainless steel fork link bolt with a stainless steel half nut and washer.    Another precision MRB stainless steel remade product... [more]

£ 12.64£ 10.53 (Ex Vat)
Fork link bush, each, stainless steel, MB

MRB remake these precision fork link bushes in stainless steel for a longer life.    This is the inner bush that goes round the fork link... [more]

£ 4.75£ 3.96 (Ex Vat)
Fork link cap, each, 4 required, stainless steel, MB

These caps go between the fork links and the forks on the inside of the forks.    You need 4 per scooter.    They are very prone to... [more]

£ 2.34£ 1.95 (Ex Vat)
Fork link damper stud, stainless steel, each, MB

This is the new MB remade disc link damper stud redesigned to straighten up dampers to the forks.    Made in stainless steel.    It is suitable for... [more]

£ 6.08£ 5.07 (Ex Vat)
Fork cable spring clip for speedo and front brake cables, stainless steel, MB

We were fed up with the quality of the remade fork cable spring clips we made our own.    This is our MRB Stainless steel spring... [more]

£ 5.03£ 4.19 (Ex Vat)
Fork steering race protection plate (dust cover) stainless steel, MB

The area where this item fits is very prone to corrosion.    Water gets flicked up by the wheel and things rust.    This item is laser cut... [more]

£ 2.93£ 2.44 (Ex Vat)
Fork rods, Gp and late Sx, pair, stainless steel, MB

We were getting sick and tired of the inconsistent quality of GP type fork rods that are available so we decided to have a... [more]

£ 35.98£ 29.98 (Ex Vat)
Fork rods, Li, Sx, Tv, pair, stainless steel, MB

We were getting sick and tired of the poor quality of Li, Sx, Tv type fork rods that so we decided to make them... [more]

£ 29.68£ 24.73 (Ex Vat)
Fork links, disc type Gp200 type, pair (with nylon bushes) high tensile steel, MB

We were so disappointed with the remade Indian and Italian links that we decided to have our own made.    They are made in the UK... [more]

£ 151.58£ 126.32 (Ex Vat)
Fork links, drum type with damper stud lugs, uses GP rods, pair, (with nylon bushes) high tensile steel, MB

This is another product design by Mark Broadhurst and made exclusively for MRB.    Easy to convert your scooter to have drum front hub with damper... [more]

£ 151.58£ 126.32 (Ex Vat)
Fork link total overhaul kit (bolts, nuts, washers, bushes and caps) pair, stainless steel, MB

One of our most popular items.    This kit contains 2 fork link bolts, 2 fork link bushes, 4 fork link caps, 2 shake proof washers... [more]

£ 52.20£ 43.50 (Ex Vat)
Fork steering bearing lock washer, stainless steel, MB

Remade MRB steering bearing lockwasher, which goes between the the lock nut and top steering nut.... [more]

£ 3.16£ 2.63 (Ex Vat)
Steering bearing lower FRAME protection cover (dust cover) MB stainless steel

This item fits between the frame and the bottom fork bearing steering race on all Lambretta frames.    It often gets damaged during removal for a... [more]

£ 11.62£ 9.68 (Ex Vat)
Damper gaiters for standard and BGM thin front shockers, (Bellows) Red, pair, MB

Remade for MB in Red.     Front shocker gaiter damper rubber covers to suit standard style dampers and the BGM thin hydraulic dampers.    Tip; soak in boiling... [more]

£ 21.18£ 17.65 (Ex Vat)