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These stainless steel parts are for the Lambretta frame. Many are not just stainless steel versions of a part, they may be improved in some way.

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Seat washer for standard seats, each, stainless steel, MB

This remade MRB precision laser cut stainless steel washer goes between the seat and the frame.    You need 8 per scooter.... [more]

£ 1.07£ 0.89 (Ex Vat)
Cable tie for frame, stainless steel, MB

MB remade cable ties to secure your cables and loom to your frame.   These are now improved stainless steel as originals are prone to... [more]

£ 3.54£ 2.95 (Ex Vat)
Engine bar, Sx, Tv, Gp long type, stainless steel, MB

When stripping a scooter down it is common to find that the engine bar is rusted in and can sometimes be a nightmare to... [more]

£ 17.80£ 14.83 (Ex Vat)
Engine bar, Li short type, stainless steel, MB

When stripping a scooter down it is common to find that the engine bar is rusted in and it can sometimes be a nightmare... [more]

£ 14.08£ 11.73 (Ex Vat)
Horn screw, stainless steel, MB

This small screw is the correct screw for fixing your horn to your frame on a Series 3 Lambretta.    It is made from quality stainless... [more]

£ 6.08£ 5.07 (Ex Vat)
Rear light unit square head screw, stainless steel, MB

This remade screw is used to secure any Series 3 light unit to the frame.    You need two per scooter.    The head of the screw is... [more]

£ 3.34£ 2.78 (Ex Vat)
Shim, front hub 12mm, brake arm, stainless steel, MB

This MRB remade precision laser cut stainless steel shim fits on drum type hubs, between the hub and the front brake arm.... [more]

£ 0.90£ 0.75 (Ex Vat)
Rubber, small rear mudflap spacer bush, stainless steel, MB

This MRB designed precision machined bush fits in the holes in standard type rear mudflaps to support the flap.... [more]

£ 2.90£ 2.42 (Ex Vat)
Horn bracket, stainless steel, MB

Remade by MRB this stainless steel horn bracket suits all early type Series 3 frames.... [more]

£ 9.38£ 7.82 (Ex Vat)
Rear runner board support arm (bracket) stainless steel, MB

A semi polished rear runner arm to suit all Series 3 right hand floor boards.    Remade for MB Scooters, can be fitted as it is, highly... [more]

£ 18.05£ 15.04 (Ex Vat)
Nut for GP rear light unit, stainless steel, MB

Remade for MB this special shaped stainless steel nut is used for fitting GP style plastic rear lights.    Fits perfect on late type Italian GP... [more]

£ 4.21£ 3.51 (Ex Vat)
Coil screw, standard 6v coil, stainless, MB

Stainless steel MB standard 6 volt coil screw as per original.    Two required per bike, an ideal restoration part. ... [more]

£ 1.31£ 1.09 (Ex Vat)
Horn bracket kit GP/Late series 3, Stainless steel, MB

Complete stainless steel, MB horn bracket kit.    Everything you need to mount a horn to a GP or late type horn set up.    Includes;  ... [more]

£ 25.56£ 21.30 (Ex Vat)
Rear frame grill badge holder bracket, Stainless steel, polished, MB

Remade for MB to original spec including the indentations.    Now made in spring Stainless steel.    Fits all models using a rear frame grill or badge holder. ... [more]

£ 1.85£ 1.54 (Ex Vat)