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These stainless steel parts are for the Lambretta front and rear hub. Many are not just stainless steel versions of a part, they may be improved in some way.

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Rear brake adjuster, STAINLESS (clamp) with Brass nut, MB

We've had these rear brake adjusters remade in stainless steel, this version comes with a Brass knurled nut to look even more standard on... [more]

£ 26.90£ 22.42 (Ex Vat)
Tubeless rim screw kit for SIP Lambretta rims, 4 x studs, nuts, spring and flat washers, MB

A set of improved fasteners to secure your SIP rim to a Lambretta hub.  Comprises:- 4 square section spring washers 4 special flat washers, MB 4 extended studs,... [more]

£ 27.02£ 22.52 (Ex Vat)
Rear hub nut kit, thick type with 3 7mm allen screws, MB

MB rear hub nut and lockwasher kit - thick type to fit Series 3 type hubs.  This kit has a special purpose and a number... [more]

£ 25.55£ 21.29 (Ex Vat)
Nut for SIP tubeless wheel rim, stainless steel, MB

Replacement nuts for SIP tubeless wheel rims in stainless steel, for Lambretta and Vespa SIP tubeless rims.    Sold individually (4 per Lambretta rim required -... [more]

£ 3.62£ 3.02 (Ex Vat)