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These stainless steel parts are for the Lambretta stand. Many are not just stainless steel versions of a part, they may be improved in some way.

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Stand, Lambretta Series 3, stainless steel

This high quality British made stand will fit any Series 3 Lambretta.  As it's made of stainless steel if will not go rusty so you... [more]

£ 48.67£ 40.56 (Ex Vat)
Stand, splash plate, Lambretta Series 3, stainless steel, MB

This is another top quality remade product from MB.    Made from stainless steel to prevent rusting.     Perfect fit, with brushed finish.... [more]

£ 24.02£ 20.02 (Ex Vat)
Stand frame strengthener, each, stainless steel, MB

It is commonly found that Lambrettas are wobbly on the stand and end up sitting lower and lower on the stand until they fall... [more]

£ 5.03£ 4.19 (Ex Vat)
Stand, spring, stainless steel, MB

We remade this stand spring using a genuine Italian spring as a pattern so it will fit exactly as per original and it won't... [more]

£ 8.18£ 6.82 (Ex Vat)
Stand kit, Lambretta Series 3, stand, plate, fasteners, hooks, spring, stainless steel, MB

This stand kit suits all Series 3 scooters.    It comprises everything you need to replace your stand.    stand, stainless steel, MB ... [more]

£ 124.08£ 103.40 (Ex Vat)