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We stock over 20 Engine tools

We stock a wide range of tools for working on your Lambretta engine. From our engineering background we firmly believe in using the right tool for the job, so we made our own tools. The tools are either based on original items or are from our own design.

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Tool, 3.5mm allen key for Lambretta gear trunnions

This is the unusually sized allen key you need for most gear and clutch cable trunnion on a Lambretta.... [more]

£ 1.56£ 1.30 (Ex Vat)
Tool, Lambretta flywheel puller (extractor) double (dual) ended (Italian/Indian and Spanish flywheels)

This multi flywheel pulling tool works with all models of Lambretta Scooters made in Italy, Spain and India.  The majority of flywheels use the smaller... [more]

£ 17.56£ 14.63 (Ex Vat)
Tool, Lambretta rear hub puller (extractor) MB

Using this tool is the best and safest way to remove your Series Lambretta rear hub.    You simply bolt it to your hub... [more]

£ 21.47£ 17.89 (Ex Vat)
£ 0.65£ 0.54 (Ex Vat)
Tool, 4mm allen key, universal

Many uses for this allen key.... [more]

£ 0.65£ 0.54 (Ex Vat)
Tool, 10mm alley key for Lambretta crankcase side drain plug

This allen key can be used for the crankcase side drain and level plugs amongst other things.... [more]

£ 1.49£ 1.24 (Ex Vat)
Tool, dial gauge only

This is a high quality dial gauge.    It can be used with our dial gauge bracket kit to set your timing or for other applications.... [more]

£ 19.42£ 16.18 (Ex Vat)
Tool, Lambretta clutch holder, MB

This is a MB alloy clutch holder, which will let you safely and easily hold your clutch assembly while you undo and tighten the... [more]

£ 19.96£ 16.63 (Ex Vat)
Tool, Lambretta clutch compressor, MB

This is a MB copy of the original Innocenti dealer tool.    Designed to safely compress your clutch while you change the clutch plates.    It mounts on... [more]

£ 45.26£ 37.72 (Ex Vat)
Tool, Lambretta T bar extractors, pair, MB

Another tool copied from the original with a slight MB improvement.    We remade these T bar extractors in slightly different lengths so the handles ... [more]

£ 18.70£ 15.58 (Ex Vat)
Tool, con rod holding, MB

This tool will work on any single cylinder vehicle.    It is designed to rest on the base gasket face and hold your con-rod (and therefore... [more]

£ 16.20£ 13.50 (Ex Vat)
Tool, spare wheel jack stand, MB Lambretta

This is a copy of the original tool as supplied with all new Lambrettas.    It fits in a small hole under the rear of your... [more]

£ 6.20£ 5.17 (Ex Vat)
Tool, Lambretta Crankshaft drive side pulling sleeve, MB

There is no point spending money on a crank that has been checked for alignment then going and hitting it with a hammer to... [more]

£ 26.65£ 22.21 (Ex Vat)
Tool, Lambretta large magneto seal drift, MB

Fitting the large oil seal into the magneto flange can be quite difficult so Mark came up with this tool to easily and squarely... [more]

£ 15.61£ 13.01 (Ex Vat)
Tool, Lambretta end plate bearing drift, MB

This MB tool is designed to make it easy and safe to refit the gearbox end plate bearing with out damaging the bearing.    It's designed... [more]

£ 20.63£ 17.19 (Ex Vat)
Tool, Lambretta final drive (puller) pulling sleeve, MB

It is important when fitting the layshaft and checking the tolerances in the gearbox, that the layshaft is pulled all the way into the... [more]

£ 11.82£ 9.85 (Ex Vat)
Tool, Lambretta flywheel holder, (holding) double ended, MB

This tool will hold 90% of Lambretta flywheels.    It is double ended and will hold normal Italian Series 3 type flywheels as well as the... [more]

£ 24.18£ 20.15 (Ex Vat)
Tool, Lambretta flywheel side inner sleeve drift, MB

This tool is designed to safely and easily fit the inner bearing sleeve from a flywheel bearing to the crank.    You just fit the sleeve... [more]

£ 18.38£ 15.32 (Ex Vat)
Tool, dial gauge bracket kit (no dial gauge) MB

This bracket kit is designed to be used with any Lambretta, P range, T5 or small frame Vespa.   It is designed to put your... [more]

£ 18.88£ 15.73 (Ex Vat)
Tool, dial gauge and bracket kit, MB

This bracket kit is designed to be used with any Lambretta, P range, T5 or small frame Vespa.    It is designed to put your dial... [more]

£ 38.29£ 31.91 (Ex Vat)