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Condenser, Li, Sx, Gp

This is a Condenser to suit GP points type electrical systems.    It can also be used on Series 3 Ducati type point ignitions.... [more]

£ 7.37£ 6.14 (Ex Vat)
Dust cover for all standard and electronic flywheels

This is an Indian made flywheel dust cover that will fit on any standard flywheel and also the Indian electronic ones.   It will NOT... [more]

£ 7.08£ 5.90 (Ex Vat)
Flywheel dust cover circlip for all standard and electronic flywheels

This circlip holds the dust cover onto the flywheel.   In some cases it is too short in which case we suggest snipping the... [more]

£ 1.32£ 1.10 (Ex Vat)
Flywheel nut Li, Sx, Tv

This is only suitable for use with a Li, Sx, Tv type flywheel.... [more]

£ 3.53£ 2.94 (Ex Vat)
Magneto housing sealing plate grommet

This grommet stops water getting into your magneto housing through the top of the the sealing plates.    This fits the original style sealing plates, not... [more]

£ 1.79£ 1.49 (Ex Vat)
Points, Gp

This is a set of points for a GP.   Also fits all Italian Series 3 Lambrettas.... [more]

£ 14.42£ 12.02 (Ex Vat)
Flywheel washer, Gp

This washer is only suitable for GP type flywheels.... [more]

£ 1.49£ 1.24 (Ex Vat)
HT lead, per foot

Best quality HT lead, supplied by the foot (approx 30cms).  You need a two foot length for a Lambretta.... [more]

£ 1.07£ 0.89 (Ex Vat)
Stator plate clamp, MB

When we decided to remake this item we looked closely at the original straight version.    We used to find that the original ones could move... [more]

£ 2.96£ 2.47 (Ex Vat)
Magneto housing sealing plate gasket, MB

This gasket sits on the top of the magneto housing between the magneto housing and the bottom sealing plate.    Another remade standard MB product.... [more]

£ 1.07£ 0.89 (Ex Vat)
Horn screw, stainless steel, MB

This small screw is the correct screw for fixing your horn to your frame on a Series 3 Lambretta.    It is made from quality stainless... [more]

£ 6.08£ 5.07 (Ex Vat)
Points type 6 volt coil with mounting

This original style coil is made in Italy.    It can fit on most Series 1, 2 and 3 6 volt points systems.... [more]

£ 39.80£ 33.17 (Ex Vat)
Rubber, horn screw and GP rear light grommet

If your using the original horn screws then this rubber would be fitted into the horn its self.    It also fits in the back of... [more]

£ 0.68£ 0.57 (Ex Vat)
Electronic ignition accessory upgrade kit

This handy kit contains all the items needed to finish fitting an electronic ignition to a Series 3 Lambretta.    Contains flywheel... [more]

£ 67.72£ 56.43 (Ex Vat)
Electronic mounting bracket kit, Series 3, MB

The popularity of electronic ignition systems led to another problem, where to mount the new regulator and coil?     The supplier of the... [more]

£ 30.80£ 25.67 (Ex Vat)
Electronic mounting bracket kit, Series 1, 2

This handy bracket kit, made in the UK, allows the safe and discrete mounting of the electronic coil and regulator on Series 1 and... [more]

£ 35.68£ 29.73 (Ex Vat)
Electronic ignition stator plate, 12 Volt AC, BGM

This is the latest spec electronic stator plate from BGM, ideal as a direct replacement to any electronic stator.    It comes with Grey and Black... [more]

£ 86.65£ 72.21 (Ex Vat)
External Pick Up for electronic ignitions

Upgrade your electronic ignition with this simple to fit external pick up pulse coil. Lots of electronic ignitions can be plagued with miss fires, poor... [more]

£ 35.94£ 29.95 (Ex Vat)
Electronic ignition flywheel, Tv, Li, Sx, BGM

New for 2013 and the final piece to the jig saw for the ultimate Lambretta ignition.    This is the new BGM Li, Tv, Sx thinner... [more]

£ 193.72£ 161.43 (Ex Vat)
Electronic Red ignition CDI coil for Lambrettas, Vespas PX, PE, T5, PK, BGM

This is a high quality BGM remade Electronic CDI coil to suit     Now comes in Red to give it that Genuine Innocenti CDI... [more]

£ 24.24£ 20.20 (Ex Vat)
Wiring loom universal AC, AC-DC, DC, fits all, includes MB earth loom, Black, MB

Lambretta Black universal wiring loom, probably the most versatile loom on the market for Lambrettas with electronic ignitions.    Works with all... [more]

£ 19.10£ 15.92 (Ex Vat)
Flywheel nut Gp, MB

Redesigned heat treated GP flywheel nut from MB.    The hexagon area has been increased in length for more grip on a socket.    Always use a 6... [more]

£ 6.37£ 5.31 (Ex Vat)
Gp electronic flywheel on its own, no modifications SIL type, genuine

This is a genuine SIL electronic flywheel.    Please take the time to check the taper on your crankshaft to make sure you are ordering the... [more]

£ 104.60£ 87.17 (Ex Vat)
Electronic ignition kit, LI flywheel, stator, red CDI, DC VERSION

The only full 12 Volt DC Electronic ignition on the market    Comes with     BGM LI flywheel BGM 12... [more]

£ 328.85£ 274.04 (Ex Vat)