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We stock over 44 Series 1 & 2 spares

This section contains all the series 1 and 2 spares we keep. You might find them elsewhere (i.e. in the bodywork section) but this is a list of ALL the series 1 & 2 parts we keep.

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Rubber, air scoop gasket, Grey, Series 1, 2

This remade rubber gasket fits between the frame and air scoop on Series 1 and 2 Lambretta scooters.... [more]

£ 4.34£ 3.62 (Ex Vat)
Rubber, horn cast and mudguard, Grey, Series 1, 2

This set of rubbers are to fit down the side of a Series 1 or 2 horn cast and also between the horn cast... [more]

£ 12.08£ 10.07 (Ex Vat)
Rear runner strip, Grey, set of 4, Italian Series 1, 2

This is a set of remade floor strips to fit on the rear foot boards of a Series 1 or 2 Lambretta.  They are made... [more]

£ 30.14£ 25.12 (Ex Vat)
Badges, side panel, pair, Series 1, 2

This is a pair of remade side panel badges for Series 1 and 2 125cc and 150cc machines.... [more]

£ 61.14£ 50.95 (Ex Vat)
Bridge piece, stainless steel, Series 1, 2

This is a remade stainless steel fits Series 1 and 2 bridge piece.... [more]

£ 30.64£ 25.53 (Ex Vat)
Legshield beading clamp, top, Series 1, 2

This Italian made alloy clamp holds the legshield beading in place on a Series 2 scooter.  It is used at the top and the bottom... [more]

£ 7.69£ 6.41 (Ex Vat)
Handle bar (headset, head light) gem, Series 2

This plastic gem fits into the headset top of a Series 2 and is supposed to let you know your lights are on.... [more]

£ 5.92£ 4.93 (Ex Vat)
Badge, Lambretta horn casting, shield clip, Series 2

This clip holds in the horn cast badge, it is different from the Series 3 one.... [more]

£ 9.49£ 7.91 (Ex Vat)
Handle bar (headset) grips, Grey, Series 1, 2

This is a pair for handlebar grips for Series 1 or 2 Lambretta, in grey rubber.  The bars are thicker on these models so the... [more]

00 (Ex Vat)
Handle bar (headset) clutch housing L shaped collar, Series 2 and fat Indian Gp

This collar fits between your clutch lever housing and your headset bottom and acts like a shim.  They do wear out over time so they... [more]

£ 2.14£ 1.78 (Ex Vat)
Rear light unit, Series 2

This is a remade rear light unit.  It is the later version which is a bit deeper than the Series 1 and early Series 2... [more]

£ 33.48£ 27.90 (Ex Vat)
Handle bar (headset) steering lock, Series 1, 2

This Italian remade steering lock fits Series 1 and 2 Lambrettas.    It features the small flap to cover the lock.    You get two keys with the... [more]

£ 29.96£ 24.97 (Ex Vat)
Speedo lens, Series 2

This a replacement plastic glass for Series 1 and 2 speedometers.... [more]

£ 5.11£ 4.26 (Ex Vat)
Rear frame grill, Series 1, 2, plain alloy

This is a genuine old stock rear frame grille which will fit any Series 1 or 2 Lambretta.  It is plain alloy but can easily... [more]

£ 67.87£ 56.56 (Ex Vat)
Stand, Lambretta Series 2, stainless steel

This high quality British made stand will fit any Series 1 or 2 Lambretta.  As it's made of stainless steel if will not go rusty... [more]

£ 45.53£ 37.94 (Ex Vat)
Stand, splash plate, Lambretta Series 2, stainless steel, MB

This is a high quality remade stainless steel splash plate to suit late Series 2 Lambretta.    The way to tell if your Series 2 frame... [more]

00 (Ex Vat)
Rubber, gaskets for under Series 1, 2, 125 criss-cross channels, set 6

This set of rubbers fit between the legshields and the alloy floor runners used on Series 1 and 2 125cc models.... [more]

£ 38.15£ 31.79 (Ex Vat)
Cut out button, Li Series 1, 2

This is a remade cut out button for Series 1 and 2 Li 125 and 150 scooters.... [more]

£ 17.95£ 14.96 (Ex Vat)
Tool box lid pin, Series 2, stainless steel, MB

We were so disappointed with the variable quality of the toolbox lid hinge pins that MB made these in stainless steel.    These only fit Series... [more]

£ 3.62£ 3.02 (Ex Vat)
Rear light lens, CEV, Series 1, 2

Rear light lens to suit Series 1 and 2 rear light units.... [more]

£ 11.87£ 9.89 (Ex Vat)
Rear light lens, Aprilia, Series 1, 2

Rear light lens to suit Rear lights originally from Aprila... [more]

£ 11.87£ 9.89 (Ex Vat)
Floorboard fastener kit Series 1, 2, stainless steel

This kit of fasteners will secure your floorstrips to your legshields and then to you frame.  It is for the 125cc models with the rifled... [more]

£ 18.02£ 15.02 (Ex Vat)
Rear mudguard fastener kit, Series 1, 2, stainless steel

This handy kit contains all the stainless fasteners needed to attach your rear mudguard to your frame on any Series 1 or 2 Lambretta.... [more]

£ 2.11£ 1.76 (Ex Vat)
Rear number plate holder fastener kit, Series 1, 2, stainless steel

This handy kit contains all the stainless fasteners needed to attach your rear number plate holder to your frame on any Series 1 or... [more]

£ 2.23£ 1.86 (Ex Vat)
Floorboard fastener kit for Series 1, 2 with rubber/alloy floor strips

This kit of fasteners will secure your floor strips to your legshields and then to you frame.    It is for the 150cc models with the... [more]

£ 21.02£ 17.52 (Ex Vat)
Stand kit, Lambretta Series 2, stand, plate, fasteners, hooks, spring, stainless steel, MB

This stand kit suits late Series 2 scooters (with the 2 8mm holes in the frame struts rather than the 8 smaller holes).  It comprises... [more]

£ 120.24£ 100.20 (Ex Vat)
Horn cast grill, tear drop shaped, Series 2 late type

This remade horn grille suits late Li and TV Series 2 models.... [more]

£ 24.22£ 20.18 (Ex Vat)
Handle bar (headset) fork clamp, Series 2

This item is bolted to your headset bottom and is then used to secure the headset to the forks.... [more]

£ 19.14£ 15.95 (Ex Vat)
Badge, Lambretta horn casting, shield type, Series 1

This is a high quality remade shield shaped horncast badge.    It fits all Series 1 scooters.... [more]

£ 21.65£ 18.04 (Ex Vat)
Legshields alloy channels, set of 6, for Series 2

These are remade Italian alloy channels to suit late type Series 2 legshields.  They will require 6 rubber inserts.... [more]

£ 25.12£ 20.93 (Ex Vat)
Electronic mounting bracket kit, Series 1, 2

This handy bracket kit, made in the UK, allows the safe and discrete mounting of the electronic coil and regulator on Series 1 and... [more]

£ 35.68£ 29.73 (Ex Vat)
Petrol tap lever, Series 2, alloy

An Italian remade Series 1 and 2 petrol tap lever, polished lever.... [more]

£ 10.94£ 9.12 (Ex Vat)
Washer, cup, 4mm, headlight rim, Series 2, stainless steel

Series 2 headlight rim cup washer and also universal fitting. ... [more]

£ 0.90£ 0.75 (Ex Vat)
Horn cast fastener kit, Series 2, stainless steel

Stainless steel horn cast fastener kit to suit Series 2.... [more]

£ 5.56£ 4.63 (Ex Vat)
Handle bar (headset) fastener kit, Series 2, stainless steel

Stainless steel headset fastener kit to suit Series 2 scooters.... [more]

£ 3.56£ 2.97 (Ex Vat)
Fastener kit for inner front mudguard, Series 2, stainless steel

Series 1 and 2 front mudguards fasten with these extra long screws not found any where else.... [more]

£ 0.65£ 0.54 (Ex Vat)
Handlebar headset) throttle tube, S1/2 Stainless steel, MB

 Handlebar (headset) throttle tube to suit a Series 1 and 2 in Stainless steel, MB... [more]

£ 5.46£ 4.55 (Ex Vat)
Alloy channels, criss cross type, set 6 for 125cc Series 1 and 2

Remade Italian Series 1 and criss cross legshield alloy channels, set of 6.    As fitted to 125cc models.   ... [more]

£ 84.62£ 70.52 (Ex Vat)
Bridge rubber set, grey small and large one series 1/2

This set contains the 2 bridge piece rubbers to suit a series 1 or 2 Lambretta. ... [more]

£ 4.72£ 3.93 (Ex Vat)
Rear light gasket, Series 2, White

Remade Italian rear light gasket to suit Series models ... [more]

£ 5.26£ 4.38 (Ex Vat)
Speedo ring CNC for Koso round speedo/rev counter (digital) Series 1/2, MB

This is another Mark Broadhusrt design to allow the Koso round digital speedo or rev counters to fit into a Series 1 or 2... [more]

£ 18.24£ 15.20 (Ex Vat)