New Stock Arrivals

Screw, allen cap head, 7 x 12mm, stainless steel, MB

Amongst many applications this fastener can specifically be used for securing the rear hub nut lock washer to an Italian type rear hub.    The Indian... [more]

£ 1.68£ 1.40 (Ex Vat)
Screw, raised counter sunk, 4 x 20mm, stainless steel

This fastener has universal applications.... [more]

£ 0.16£ 0.13 (Ex Vat)
Electronic ignition stator plate, 12 Volt AC, BGM

This is the latest spec electronic stator plate from BGM, ideal as a direct replacement to any electronic stator.    It comes with Grey and Black... [more]

£ 86.65£ 72.21 (Ex Vat)
Tool, timing disc, BGM

A very good universal timing disc to suit Lambrettas, Vespa and automatics.    It comes with two different inner hole sleeves 10mm and 12mm    The outside diameter... [more]

£ 19.37£ 16.14 (Ex Vat)
Electronic ignition AC/DC regulator/rectifier, 12 volt, BGM

Voltage regulator 4 plug BGM PRO 12V AC/DC universal handy voltage regulator for all electronic 12 V ignitions.    The regulator delivers AC as well... [more]

£ 24.24£ 20.20 (Ex Vat)
Electronic Red ignition CDI coil for Lambrettas, Vespas PX, PE, T5, PK, BGM

This is a high quality BGM remade Electronic CDI coil to suit     Now comes in Red to give it that Genuine Innocenti CDI... [more]

£ 24.24£ 20.20 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta clutch plate kit (4 plate) BGM

4 x cork clutch plates     3.5mm thick each    Another BGM product sold by MB    Can be used in a standard 4 plate set up (direct replacements... [more]

£ 20.40£ 17.00 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT225/230, MBgm

New 2017 MBgm Race-Tour 225 cylinder kit using the new cast coated MBgm 70mm piston.    It includes:    Alloy cylinder fully cast and machined... [more]

£ 452.35£ 376.96 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT195/200, MBgm

The new 2017 MBgm Race-Tour 195 cylinder kit with 65mm CAST coated RT piston kit.    Includes:    Alloy cylinder fully cast and machined... [more]

£ 452.35£ 376.96 (Ex Vat)
Regulator/rectifier, 6 volt, BGM

BGM 6V regulator / rectifier, for use on standard 6v systems with no regulator, to give steady 6v lighting    A must if using an LED... [more]

£ 24.24£ 20.20 (Ex Vat)
Tool, O ring picker and scribe, set of 2, BGM

Handy little tools to us in a workshop.    Use them for making out when doing a bit of tuning.    Pick and put O rings and fine... [more]

£ 7.69£ 6.41 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta wheel rim, split type, polished, stainless steel, BGM

New from BGM are these fantastic Lambretta split rims.    Key points:-  Made in Germany 100% true running ... [more]

£ 145.04£ 120.87 (Ex Vat)
Electronic ignition Blue CDI Coil Lambretta, Vespa PX, P2, T5, PK, BGM

BGM Electronic ignition CDI coil.    Fits all Lambretta and Vespa PX, P2, T5, PK electronic ignitions... [more]

£ 24.24£ 20.20 (Ex Vat)
Shock absorber (shocker, damper) front, Pair Silver, retro slim type, non-adjustable, BGM

BGM 6Ts style front shock absorbers to be used with gaiters.     These dampers are not adjustable, but are set up to give the... [more]

£ 135.32£ 112.77 (Ex Vat)
Rear shock (shocker, damper) Gun metal, Series 1, 2, 3BGM

BGMs excellent top quality totally adjustable rear shock absorber (damper)    Designed as a perfect fit for all Lambretta Scooters.    Adjustable ride height 300 - 310mm for... [more]

£ 213.18£ 177.65 (Ex Vat)
Exhaust, Vespa big box Sports exhaust, PX200, Rally 200, MBgm

MBgm Big box standard looking high performance Vespa Sports exhaust to suit engines required for higher power on the open road with a... [more]

£ 193.72£ 161.43 (Ex Vat)
Oil, Pro-Race fully Synthetic, 2 (two) stroke Oil, 1L case of 12, Bgm

This is for a box of 12 x 1 litre bottles    BGM PRO RACE 2-stroke fully synthetic is 100 % synthetic produced high performance... [more]

£ 126.26£ 105.22 (Ex Vat)
BGM Lambretta inner cable set includes all inner cables and fixings etc

This handy kit from BGM contains the following items:-  2 x 2.1M inner cables with pear shaped end for clutch or... [more]

£ 8.33£ 6.94 (Ex Vat)
Cable, inner throttle, universal longer

This is a REALLY long inner cable for a throttle cable.    Keep one in your glove box for emergencies.... [more]

£ 2.60£ 2.17 (Ex Vat)
Disc windows, standard, White

This is a set of plastic windows to fit the hub of a standard Lambretta disc assembly.... [more]

£ 19.36£ 16.13 (Ex Vat)
Legshield sharks teeth, pair, Lambretta Gp

These secure the legshield beading at the bottom of GP legshields.   They get their name because they are shaped like a sharks tooth.  ... [more]

£ 12.36£ 10.30 (Ex Vat)
Rear light unit, Lambretta Gp (ribbed) Italian

This is a quality Italian pattern rear light unit.    It has a built in bulb holder and includes the lens.    It is standard fitment to GP... [more]

£ 60.25£ 50.21 (Ex Vat)
Legshield alloy channels, set of 4, Series 3

This is a set of quality European remade alloy channels to suit all Series 3 scooters.... [more]

£ 14.65£ 12.21 (Ex Vat)
Legshield beading clamp, bottom (lower) Series 3

This Italian remade alloy item holds the legshield beading in place at the bottom.  You need two per scooter (Series 3 only not Gp).... [more]

£ 5.04£ 4.20 (Ex Vat)
Disc windows, custom chrome plated

This is a set of chrome plastic windows to fit the hub of a standard Lambretta disc assembly.... [more]

£ 20.92£ 17.43 (Ex Vat)
Bulb holder, Lambretta Gp, (top quality)

After a few years of searching we have managed to source some good quality GP Bulb holders with good connectors and rivetted together well.    This... [more]

£ 14.65£ 12.21 (Ex Vat)
GP Headlight glass and reflector marked INNOCENTI CASA LAMBRETTA

High Quality reproduction GP headlight glass and reflector marked CEV and Innocenti, comes with bulb holder clips.... [more]

£ 52.72£ 43.93 (Ex Vat)
Petrol (fuel) tank, long range 12 litres, Black, Jet200

Lambretta Lifetime tanks are the first ever polyethylene (HDPE) fuel tank made for the Lambretta.      These have a 12 liter capacity.    Comes complete with hardware... [more]

£ 230.74£ 192.28 (Ex Vat)
SLUK Bridge Piece fastener KIT (Clips, screws, rubbers)

A simple solution to save time and hassle, SLUK bridge piece fastener kit, 2 x clips, 2 x adhesive anti vibration washers, 2 x... [more]

£ 12.00£ 10.00 (Ex Vat)
Carb mounting rubber, 35mm, to suit 30-32mm Dellorto VHSA, Mikuni 35mm TMX, 28-34mm Amal, MB

This Mark Broadhurst redesigned, improved and strengthened carb mounting rubber suits all Mikuni 32-35mm, Dellorto 30 - 32mm VHSA and Amal 28-34mm carbs.    Comes with... [more]

£ 13.99£ 11.66 (Ex Vat)
Mag housing flat sealing plate for large grommet, MB

Remade Stainless Steel mag housing sealing plate for the larger type mag housing sealing plate kit, MB ... [more]

£ 3.89£ 3.24 (Ex Vat)
Mag housing sealing pressed plate for large grommet, MB

Remade mag housing pressed sealing plate made from Stainless Steel for MB.  ... [more]

£ 3.89£ 3.24 (Ex Vat)
Mounting carb rubber, REED, 26-30mm PHBH, VHSA , Dellorto, 1 piece version, MB

This is our latest one piece carb rubber to suit our MB shorty reed manifolds. Made from strengthened rubber, it fits inside the reed cage... [more]

£ 19.42£ 16.18 (Ex Vat)
Bearing, only, Rear hub, Race-Tour, MB

This is our MB Race-Tour rear hub bearing which fits all Series 1, 2 and 3 Lambrettas.    A quality bearing to suit standard... [more]

£ 20.08£ 16.73 (Ex Vat)
Brake cleaner 400ml

This is a spray can of brake cleaner, we use it to clean brake shoes and hub etc but you can also use it... [more]

£ 10.03£ 8.36 (Ex Vat)
Oil, gearbox MTL-E 85 (ST90) modern formula gearbox oil, Series 1, 2 and 3, Maxima

Superior gearbox oil for all Lambrettas, Series 1, 2 and 3     For all air and water-cooled 2-stroke and 4-stroke transmissions with wet clutch systems.... [more]

£ 10.31£ 8.59 (Ex Vat)
Oil, 2 (two) stroke, Formula K2, fully synthetic, Pre-mix only (not for auto lube engines) Maxima

MB have researched into improving lubrication for vintage 2-stroke engines using modern fuels for many years and have found Maxima Oils, a long established... [more]

£ 21.65£ 18.04 (Ex Vat)
Continental Tyre, 350:10, New Classic

Scooter Fitment …. Lambretta – Vespa – Automatic    Speed Rating …. L 75mph     Load Rating …. 59 243kg     Racing Compound …. N/A    Road Compound …. Medium... [more]

£ 28.50£ 23.75 (Ex Vat)
Continental Tyre, 350:10, Original Classic K62 Whitewall

Scooter Fitment …. Lambretta – Vespa – Automatic    Speed Rating …. J 62mph     Load Rating …. 59 243kg     Racing Compound …. N/A    Road Compound …. Medium... [more]

£ 55.64£ 46.37 (Ex Vat)
Dunlop Scootsmart 350:10 P rated version

Scooter Fitment …. Lambretta - Vespa - Automatic    Speed Rating …. P 93mph    Load Rating ….  51 195kg    Racing Compound …. N/A    Road Compound …. Medium      Riding Application... [more]

£ 28.67£ 23.89 (Ex Vat)
Carb flange mounting rubber, 28 - 35mm, MB

This is a Mark Broadhurst redesigned, improved and strengthened flange type carb mounting rubber.     Suits all Mikuni 32 - 35mm and Amal 28... [more]

£ 18.32£ 15.27 (Ex Vat)
Rubber, air scoop gasket, Grey, Series 1, 2

This remade rubber gasket fits between the frame and air scoop on Series 1 and 2 Lambretta scooters.... [more]

£ 4.34£ 3.62 (Ex Vat)
Badges, side panel, pair, Series 1, 2

This is a pair of remade side panel badges for Series 1 and 2 125cc and 150cc machines.... [more]

£ 61.14£ 50.95 (Ex Vat)
Floorboard fastener kit Series 1, 2, stainless steel

This kit of fasteners will secure your floorstrips to your legshields and then to you frame.  It is for the 125cc models with the rifled... [more]

£ 18.02£ 15.02 (Ex Vat)
Rubber bodywork kit, Series 1 and 2, GREY, CASA

Remade Italian Grey rubber bodywork kit to suit Series 1 and 2 Lambrettas ... [more]

£ 79.80£ 66.50 (Ex Vat)
Handle bar (headset, head light) gem, Series 2

This plastic gem fits into the headset top of a Series 2 and is supposed to let you know your lights are on.... [more]

£ 5.92£ 4.93 (Ex Vat)
Handle bar (headset) clutch housing L shaped collar, Series 2 and fat Indian Gp

This collar fits between your clutch lever housing and your headset bottom and acts like a shim.  They do wear out over time so they... [more]

£ 2.14£ 1.78 (Ex Vat)